Friday, September 9, 2011



Tony just called to inform me that our old apartment
where we used to live was damaged due to a car driving
into the side of it and into the kitchen and dining area.

Another thing that has happened at this exact apartment
since moving from it was that a lightning bolt hit the
patio fence causing it to catch fire.

I'm taking along my camera when going to my doctor's
appointment today because I might stop in my honey's
work to check it out since it's not far away from
my doctor's office.


Check out Meijers sales ads for next week HERE.

Some deals I see-

Buy 4 cereals, any size and brand get a gallon of milk free.

Meijer bacon $2.50 each

Planters peanut butter sale $1.67
use $1.50 doubled coupon
makes it .17 cents each!



I've been gone all day since my doctor's appointment
and just now got home. Gotta run back out the
door to go get Christopher off the bus and pick him up.
Here's a photo of the apartment we used to live in
that got ran into last night by a car.
The people in this apartment are out of town
and aren't even aware of what happened yet.
Behind the area that was hit is the dining room
and half bath.



Doctor said my cat scan came back normal so that's good.
I still have the colonoscopy to do and now he
wants me to see a gastroenterologist.
They are now looking to see if I might have
Ulcerative Colitis.
I personally don't think I have it but will wait
and see the results of the colonoscopy.
I told doc that I get acid reflux a lot. I think it
was important for him to know since it's all connected
to my digestive system. I didn't tell him
about my trouble with eating at times and food
gets stuck in my throat. With all my other symptoms
he now says I should take 2 prilosec pills daily.
Prilosec isn't cheap and to take 2 pills a day!
Might have to wait and see on that or see if
there are any store brands.
The doctor's office also took 4 more vials of blood
for more testing today also. I'm not sure how long
I'm supposed to be on this potassium meds or the
$100 meds. I guess it all depends upon the results
of the colonoscopy.
There's going to have to come a time to call it
quits at the doctor's office or he'll have me coming
in every 2 weeks for something or tests.
Which by the way I go back on Sept. 28th.
I don't have the money to keep forking over
to doctors. Insurance or not I'm not going to
be put flat broke over doctor visits and tests!!
I'm almost there now as it is!
That's what's wrong with America, people have to
choose whether to eat, pay for your home & utilities
or take medicines or visit doctors.


After the doctor's office me and mom went and picked
up my step-dad and had lunch at Burger King.
From there we went over to Sprint and had to wait
about a half hour just to be able to get our phones
hooked up. I was not able to hook up the phone
Tony's boss gave him because it was considered a
smart phone so we ended up hooking up the two
older phones for him and mom. Hopefully all goes well
with them because I no longer have any
back up phones to use. Sprint said there was no charge to
transfer one phone to another
but we'll see when the phone bill comes.



I got to thinking what else the doctor said today because
he rambles so fast with doctor's terms anyone would
be lucky to remember what he said or be able to translate it.

Anyway I kept telling him I was tired all day and would
sleep the day away if I could. I was hoping for an answer
that would tell me what to do to get my energy back and all
he told me is that it is a part of having irritable bowel syndrome.
Gee, thanks doc.

I also stressed to him that my whole body hurts.
Hurts like someone has beaten me up at times!
I still can't take anything other than Tylenol.
He said absolutely no ibuprofen. Wish there
was a little miracle pill to make the pains go away
but he didn't offer any.

Tylenol only make it tolerable and by that I mean it takes
some of the pain away but not completely. Looking at 50% of it.
The other 50% throbs and reminds me it's still there lurking.

He told me it was something to do with arthritis
and no I don't remember the long doctor's term
for it but it has parts of the word arthritis in
it and he said it was common in people with IBS.

Well I'm so glad that we have all these symptoms figured
out and all know it is associated with IBS but hello,
it would be nice to be able to take something for
the pain and tiredness. They make $746 pills for
Irritable Bull Shit so why not make them for
the other symptoms so we could tolerate it a little
better than feeling like a worthless turd that sleeps all day
and acts as though she's pms'ing all the time because of
all the pain and irritability that comes with it.
I'm sure you've noticed in my writing
that my tolerance level is not what it used to be.

And doc says he doesn't know yet if this is something
I'll have the rest of my life and have to take
$100 pills each month for. That's $1200 in those
pills alone each year. Don't we have a prescription
for putting someone out in the pasture and shooting them instead?
I keep pointing out pastures as we drive by some saying,
that one looks nice, lol.

I'm trying so hard to have a sense of humor with the pain.
I guess that's about all you can do each day
to keep sane. You never know from day to day which
part of your body will hurt. One day it could be legs
and arms and the next I'll have a stiff neck and painful
hips. I spun my wheel of fortune today and I won a trip
down back spasm lane.

Hoping that tomorrow is better! Some days are better than others.
The good news is I lost 3 pounds since the last doctor's visit.


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