Friday, September 23, 2011


When I make meals that are large I stretch them
into the next day's lunch. I almost always pack
hubby's lunch with leftovers. Whatever ls left after that
I then store in small containers. It's like I have
our own selection of Budget Gourmet meals stocked
in the freezer. Whenever there is a day that I do
not have leftovers from the previous night's supper
then that's when I dig into our single serve meals
for lunch.


Whenever making casseroles and soups I try to
double the batch. One half we eat for supper
while the other half goes into the freezer for another meal.

For example I made a large batch of scalloped potatoes
and a large pot of spaghetti. I'll put those
remaining leftovers in the freezer.

Some leftovers may not be big enough to make
a main meal from. You can now use them as side dishes instead.
So instead of having spaghetti as the main course
you can now serve it along side of pork chops
or another meat of choice.


In a large butter bowl I add things from meals
that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash.

Let's say there was only 1/4 cup of corn left
or a couple tablespoons of gravy left from supper.
I spoon them into that butter bowl and store in the freezer.
Then another meal might roll around with a
half cup of macaroni and 1/4 cup green beans leftover.
Pull out that butter bowl and keep filling
it up with those tiny amount of leftovers.
I don't usually add leftover meat to those bowls.
Once full all these ingredients can be turned
into a soup chocked full of veggies, rice, pasta,
gravy and so on. Throw in a little meat
leftover from a supper, lets say a couple
pieces of chicken. Shred up the remaining chicken
and add to the bowl to make a yummy and filling
soup that's good on a cold Winter's day.


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