Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here's another coffee sample :0)

Free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee



We left for Indian Lake about 9:00am this morning
and are just now getting home. Kinda wore out from the drive.
It has been BRRRR all day. Indian Lake's temps are about
5 degrees cooler than Columbus and the wind made it feel
even cooler. Indian Lake looks like a ghost town this time
of year with no tourists. It was kind of nice up there
without all the people around everywhere you went.
Didn't do anything up there but visit with the in-laws.

My in-laws gave me their old Heat Surge Fireplace.
I've been eyeballing this for the past year knowing they
were going to get a new one and kept asking if I could
have the old one. Well today was the day it finally
came home with us. It even has a remote with it.
My in-laws have a mobile home at Indian Lake and it gets
pretty cold on the lake during normal Winters.
They have been using this heater fireplace for awhile
to heat their trailer during the day. They say their
heating bills for the trailer haven't gone over $40.
I don't remember what they said their electric bill
was but it wasn't too bad either. They only ran it as needed.
I think they bought it
for about $200 used and the reason they gave it to me was
because the blower motor quit working. To get something
like this for free and invest about $30 in a blower motor sounds like a winner to me to keep our heating
bills down.
But if I remember correctly I think my father-in-law
told me last year that it would work on the low setting
it just wouldn't work on high.
I've read many bad reviews about these things not putting
out enough heat. Well today mother-in-law had turned their new one on
and I could sure feel it heating their
living/dining room and kitchen while it was on! It got to the
point that when my father-in-law walked in the room he kept
shutting it off saying he was too hot, lol.

The fireplace is still in the truck so I'll have
to wait and see if it works or if I need
to get a fan blower.

These babies go for
$300 to $600 on Ebay!

before leaving Indian Lake now I always stop by the
Discount Grocery Store in Lakeview before coming home.

Here was my deals I found there-

almost 1 pound bag of yellow onion sets $1.18

almost 1 pound bag of white onion sets $1.14

I have sets of onions I got last year already
coming up in a container in the backyard.

Box of Little Debbies .99 cents

Stove Top Stuffing apple flavored .89 cents
(have never seen the apple flavor before!)

10W30 motor oil $1.99

Sensitive anti-itch lotion for eczema .99 cents

Wireless mouse $1.99

24 pk Zantac 150 .99 cents

Loreal Paris shine gloss $1.99

Ahh Bra $1.99
(I needed a new bra and couldn't wait to get home to try this
one on. The bra I had on was scratchy and the straps kept
falling down)
Heck of a deal considering the Ahh Bras are going for
$60 PLUS shipping for 3 of them!!


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