Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Today while in Bible study I start getting an itchy throat,
having sneezing fits, coughing fits and watery eyes.
I thought maybe I was getting what the rest of my family
has been going through for the past week with sniffles
and sickies. Then the minister asks me if I have allergies.
That's when it dawned on me that it was my Bible that I brought
today after finding it in the basement this past week.
I had to set it on the other end of the table I was sitting at.
I've had my bible for about 15 or so years and at times
it has been stored in boxes and in basements. And over
time it has developed a musty smell which triggered
all my allergy symptoms today. I put my Bible into a couple
of plastic grocery bags for now until I figure out what I can
do to it to remove the musty smell or whatever else might
be lingering on the pages. It's not like you can spray bleach
on it to disinfect it and kill any fungus or mold spores.
I don't see any growth on it visibly but it does have that
strong, old book odor.
For now I have decided to keep it wrapped in the bag
until a hot and sunny day. Then I plan to place it outside
in direct sunlight open so that the breeze can allow the
pages to turn. By doing this I hope that the sunlight
will act as a natural killer of the musty smells and
possible mold or fungal spores that might be on it
and can't be seen visibly.
I have read tips where people were saying to freeze your books.
Freezing does NOT kill mold! It will keep at a stand still
while frozen but will grow once again when removed
from the freezer so it's not a good idea to do.
When storing books, keep them out in a well ventilated and dry
area. Using a dehumidifier in a basement will help lots.
I do not think this book got this way from our basement
and was a result of how it was stored many years ago
and had been kept boxed up.



Well I'm going to lay down and take a nap.
My head is pounding and feels like there is a lot
of sinus pressure.


Don't forget to check the Red Plum mailbox ads for a
coupon booklet for Burger King.
Along with coupons for sandwiches and meals are
two FREE coupons for a small Real Fruit Smoothie
and a small Frappe!


Like Gevalia Coffee on Facebook
to receive a free sample
to make a pot of coffee with.

Coffee is so expensive anymore. While I am not a coffee drinker,
hubby is and I am constantly on the look out for free coffee samples.

When purchasing coffee I have found the cheapest to be a large
tub at Aldis for $5.49 or when on sale you can find a large
canister of Kroger Value coffee for about $6.00.
Now I did get lucky recently and found large tubs of
Folgers at Kroger marked down for only $5 and bought the
last two they had.



Tonight for supper I am making beef taquitos
but instead of ground beef I am using ground deer burger.
And the only other difference is that I won't be using
extra onions or garlic, only the salsa in the beef with
a little taco seasoning instead of chili powder.
I'll probably serve it with a side of rice,
and salsa & sour cream to dip the taquitos into.

I think when I make this again I might use
pulled bbq pork for the filling.



For about the last hour I've been working in the
basement putting up shelves. I did these a little different
due to all the little things that I needed to store.
Half of a row I did shelves with small shoe box
totes on top for school and office supplies.
Those supplies are heavier and needed the shelf for support.
And I did another half row where I just screwed the totes
into the wall with no shelves underneath them.
These will hold lighter items like craft paint,
glues, pens, pencils, etc. I could also use some
to store makeup and small bottles of toiletries in.

So all in all in these two rows I have school & office supplies,
paint & painting supplies, a potato & onion bin
and a place to store furnace filters.

Someday I'll make a video of it all.

I was originally going to put my cleaning products
in those rows but realized I have my wire shelves
in the basement stairwell that I use that for.



I see that we have a frost advisory for Columbus for
Thursday morning with freeze warnings and watches in
counties around us. Make sure you cover plants that
might be affected from this.

My pear trees drooped
their leaves for a day or two after the last frost
but bounced back pretty good. Not sure about how
the flowers withstood it. I only had pears on one of the
trees the first year after planting them. We didn't have
any pears the last two years on either trees.
I planted them in June 2009 on our one year anniversary of
owning our home. I found both trees in the clearance
section at Lowes for $1.49 each!! They were unmarked fruit
trees so I didn't even know what kind they were til I researched the
leaves and found it to be pear trees. I did not want regular
trees. I wanted something practical that we could get use
out of over time like the Concord grape vine I planted
in the back yard about 3 years ago. It has not produced grapes
yet but expect it to in the near future with the vine becoming
larger and large each year. Last year was the most growth
I've seen from it.

I forgot about my Hydrangeas last time we had a freeze warning and the frost
bit them a little causing some dead and dried tips
on the leaves turning them brown. I just now
brought them in the house.


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