Sunday, April 1, 2012



With everyone getting or having the sniffles, coughs and colds
I am trying a few home remedies.

When kids have a cough I apply vicks rub to the bottoms of
their feet at night and cover with socks.

Today I am trying a new remedy for colds after doing some
research on honey and cinnamon.
You can give your kids or yourself a mixture of
1 Tablespoon honey and 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon mixed together.

If you don't think your kids will eat it plain like that
try mixing it in some applesauce. I mixed theirs in
all natural unsweetened applesauce and they gobbled it
up thinking they were getting a treat for breakfast.
You'll need to do this about three times a day so
I will give it to them with each meal.

Here is an article about honey and cinnamon-

For congestion and nasal blockage I like to put the kids
in a hot bath, as hot as they can stand with some
Johnsons Soothing Vapor Bath which is
enriched with rosemary, eucalyptus and menthol. Then I'll close
the shower curtain to hold in any steamy moisture for
them to breathe in. Between the comfort of soothing
any achy muscles in the hot bath the steam or water vapors
helps to relieve a stuffy nose.

Another home remedy I usually do but can't do
at the moment because I don't have a vaporizer is
to put 1/4 cup vinegar into the water in your vaporizer
and run about an hour or so to relieve head and chest congestion.



Even though everyone has a hint of sickies it seems
we are still going for a bike ride today.
And by bike ride I mean putting the bikes in the
truck and going to a bicycle path.
Not my idea so can't wait to see how this turns out.
Now I do find that the more active you can stay with
sickies the better you feel than if you were to lay
in bed all day and let it take over your body.
By more active I meant being up moving around the house
not going on a bicycle ride!

Tony's loading the bikes up in the truck only
to discover my bike has a flat and can't
be filled due to a hole. My bike is a cruiser
bike. It's so smooth and easy to ride
with no gears, has a big butt seat and
you can ride in an upright position.
Cruiser bikes look like the old fashioned bikes.
He says he has a back up bike
for me to ride so I'm pretty sure it's a mountain bike.
Whelp, there goes my body on this ride.
I already have body aches from the Crohn's.
Going to go pop a couple ibuprofen before we go!!

I've been on the hunt for a handlebar basket to
put on my bike for bike rides to hold phones
and water bottles in. I haven't found one yet so I'm running around
the house this morning looking for something
that I can carry all these things in on my bike.
I have an idea to attach a soft sided, zippered, insulated,
lunch bag to the bars. Hope that works.


Oh yeah I got what looks like a redneck bike, lol.
It's a mountain bike that is a burnt orange and gray
and Tony took my pink wide butt seat off my cruiser
and put it on the mountain bike. Then I have a
Jeff Gordon lunch bag attached to it.
The lunch bag seems to be working out as I took
it for a test drive. The only thing was that I had to
mount it to the inside of the handle bars because
it would get in the way of the breaks on the outside of them.

Ok, we're getting ready to go now. Oh boy gee!
At least they are mostly flat trails.


10:30am to 12:15pm

I swear they are trying to kill me.
My thigh muscles are as hard as rocks!
I walk like I'm drunk because my leg
muscles don't know how to work.

We went to Parkridge Park which is just north of
Morse and Sunbury Rds. From there we road South of Morse Rd.
behind the Chiller Skate Rink and by the soccer fields.
Then turned around and road clear up North of 161
just behind Iron Pony to Castro Park then traveled back to
Parkridge Park. I don't know how many miles it was but sure
felt like about 100 to me, lol.
Even though the paved pathways appear to be flat
it's a different story when you are on a bicycle
and realize where there are uphill rides.

Anyways I survived somehow. I'll let you know tomorrow
or later on how I feel, lol.



Working down in the dungeon, I mean basement.
Little by little going through boxes and getting rid of things.
Right now I have only a vision in my head of what things
should look like. When I try to view it through my own
two eyes at the moment everything looks so foggy.
Stuff that has been collected for the 13 years me
and Tony has been together along with things we each
brought in with us that we had before we got together.
Not fun at all. When we moved here I just packed
up boxes and didn't really go through anything.
I was pretty much the only one that packed up our whole
home considering everyone else was at work or school.
Most boxes and things went to the basement.
And now 4 years later after living in our home
there's other things that have been
accumulating down there on top of those other items.
For one person to do it all will take quite a bit of time.
That person being me. I want it done right and if I have
kids and a hubby down there with me then things
will just get thrown into boxes and pushed aside.
Plus kids see things going into the out box and want to
rescue and save everything! I can't have that.

Well my little break is over with. Heading back
down to the basement.



Ya know those bones and muscles down by your woo hoo and butt?
Well they sure are sore from riding that bicycle today!
Oh my goodness it hurts. And people wonder why I prefer to walk to exercise.
Oh yeah, the boys owe me big time.

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