Sunday, April 8, 2012



So much for sleeping in this morning, lol.
The kids got us up about 7:45am because
the Easter Bunny came and left them each a
basket and eggs all over the backyard.

The camera date is wrong once again.
I don't know why it keeps doing that
but I have reset it since these photos
so hope it stays corrected.



Got an almost 9 pound ham going in the crock pot.
It was actually too big for the crock and I had
to cut it down some.
I poured sugar-free maple syrup along with a little
honey over top and then packed on some brown sugar.
Topped it off with a sprinkling off allspice.

Then I made up breakfast using my new slicer
to make hash browns along with adding in dehydrated onions.
Fried up in Italian dressing.
I cut up some ham that wouldn't
fit into the crock and fried it up in a skillet
with some maple syrup then added it into the
hash browns. Topped hash browns with shredded cheese.


Sitting here waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in.
My body aches from head to toe!
I love the power washer. It's my new friend, lol.
Would so love to have one. The one we used
from Tony's work has the power of one
of those you find in a car wash so it will
kick your butt if you use it for about 5-6 hours straight.

Well, it's time to start cleaning up some of the inside
of the house today. We'll see how we feel later on to see
if we continue with the power washer today.
If we do, we still have to move everything under the carport
and clean that side of the house and then power wash
the shed. Maybe weed out the rock flower bed and get
some seeds planted in there. This does not sound like
a vacation to me. Maybe this coming weekend we might
head up to the lake and relax before school and work
to get a lil R&R.


I saw this photo for a mobile home office cart made from a table.
Since I don't have an office or an extra room for doing
bills and whatever I need something like this. I am now
on the hunt for a cheap baby changing table which I think
would work for this. I can wheel it into my coat closet
and pull it out when I need to work then push it
back into the closet when done.

And here is a pic of a changing table. I can remove
the bottom shelves and hang files in it's place
then put some wheels on the legs so it would roll.
I like the idea above of cutting out holes in the top
to add cups for pens and office supplies.
I could even sore my sewing machine and printer on top.
I'm sure I can run across one for cheap at a yard sale
somewhere. There's always someone getting rid of
baby items at yard sales.


Here's the porch lights I got yesterday at a yard sale
for $2.00 for all three. Plus I have two other larger
ones I got for I think $3.00 for that pair.
I want to make birdhouses out of them.

Here is where someone made a birdhouse out of theirs.
You can put it on a tree, fence or pole.

I'm gonna try and use my imagination for the third
light that I got that is missing pieces.
Maybe make some kind of bird feeder from it?


Here is a cordless phone I found in a FREEBIE
box yesterday at a yard sale. It's a Uniden Dect 6.0.
It's 100 waterproof, floats in water and has
rubber around the edges to protect it if it is dropped.
It goes for $50 new.
The only thing it didn't have was a power cord.
I have plenty of phone power cords and it is
currently being charged to see if it works.
If it does then I'll give mom our cordless phone
that I recently got at a yard sale for $2.00
because her caller ID is going on the blitz.



This afternoon I decided to take everyone
for a hike. Sure man made trails are ok but I prefer the ones
that are off the beaten path with no bike trails, no crowds,
no nothing, the real deal, a nature trail that is all natural
with a hike through the woods.
I know where there is an old abandoned
road that runs beside a river and that's where we went.
The kids had never been before and me and Tony went
about 13 years ago. It's probably a good couple of miles
to hike the road and then along the river. We could
only go so far on the road then it had places where water
flowed over it and you could not cross it on foot.
Anyways we all had a good time and got our exercise for today.

The river hike.

The abandoned road hike.

Now we are all getting ready to have family movie night.
We rented We Bought A Zoo.

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