Thursday, April 5, 2012



Me, mom and my step-dad went out to breakfast at Bob Evans
and used the buy 1 get 1 free printable coupon that I posted
about earlier this week.

Before Bob Evans I had them stop by Subway. I picked up
four 6" subs. The kids have been wanting subs for supper
so I thought I would surprise them tonight with some.
At our usual pizza joint their subs with a coupon
costs $13 for 3 subs with a coupon. ($4.33 a sub)
I've been seeing online and tv ads for Subway saying
if you stopped in between 7-9:00am you can get
buy 1 get 1 free any 6" subs during the month of April. No coupon needed.
I got four cold cut 6" subs for $7.50 ($1.87 a sub!), almost half the cost of
our pizza place with the addition of a fourth sub!


Tomorrow me, mom and both kids are going to some yard sales.
I've been watching craigslist for some sales all week.
So far I have only found four in our area.
Maybe I can find a couple of small, cheap toys to
put in the Easter baskets without the boys seeing.


Each year we usually take the boys to an Easter Egg
hunt near Tony's work. Easter is Sunday April 8th
and you know what is weird? This Easter egg hunt
is being held Saturday April 14th, a week AFTER Easter!!
Doesn't make any sense.


I told y'all not long ago I threw down a bunch
of marigold flower seeds in our front yard flower beds.
I just noticed a couple days ago a few little babies
starting to appear. I love flowers but hate the prices
of buying already grown ones from the stores and try
my best to plant some from seeds then save the seeds
from those flowers for the following year.

I had this idea for some cheap flower boxes.
What if you bought a cheap gutter from
the home and garden store for less than $5.00
for about 10 feet. Put end caps on each end,
fill with dirt and add your flower seeds.
I think this would be pretty painted up
and used to line sidewalks, driveways or paths.
I even thought about cutting some gutters down
and using them for flower boxes under a couple

What about attaching some gutters to your fence
and planting flowers in them like wave petunias
that will overflow the gutters.
Could do this for the window boxes also.
I think it would be so pretty!

Check out this neat idea!
Faux trees with hanging flower baskets on them to
look like the branches. This would be like having
those beautiful Spring time blooming trees all
Summer long!

Hmmmm, now that's got me thinking again.
We go on plenty of nature hikes along the water.
Might see if I can find some large pieces of drift wood
to make the tree trunk to do this.



The kids get out of school 30 minutes early today
for Spring Break starting tomorrow.
Hubby also has his vacation next week also.
Going to work on things around the house as
much as possible during vacation time.

Working on preparing supper now so it is ready
by 5:00pm. We are all having the 6" cold cut subs
from Subway and I'm also making a ham and potato
soup to go with it. The leftover soup will also
be used for hubby's lunch for tomorrow.
I will remove all salad type toppings on the subs
and warm in the oven right before serving.

Sherry's Quick & Easy Cheesy Ham & Potato Soup

5-6 potatoes, peeled, cubed & boiled
1 can chicken gravy
1 pouch sausage flavored country gravy mix
1 small package of cubed ham
velveeta cheese

In a large pot add 2 cups milk or water
and stir in country gravy mix til thickened.
Stir in chicken gravy. Add water if needed
for desired consistency. Add desired amount
of velveeta cheese and cook til cheese has melted.
Add in ham and potatoes and cook til heated through.



I just learned that one of the three barn fires in
Sunbury was my step-dad's sister's barn.
As far as I know the horses were not there with
my step-uncle and was in Florida with my step-aunt
who travels back and forth between Ohio and Florida
and takes the horses with her.
I have also learned that my cousin and his family also lives in that
area as well so are praying for everyone up there
at this time that the arsonist is caught and
doesn't do anymore damage to other properties
or hurts anyone.

News clip of my step-uncle who lost his barn.


Stopped in Kroger tonight for some pop. Only me and Christopher
went in while everyone else stayed in the truck.
It was Christopher's lucky day as he found a $10 bill
laying on the floor near the dairy section!!
He was sooo happy. He now has his own yard sale
money to spend tomorrow.


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