Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Went to Bible study this morning.  Today was the last today of
our day time bible study as this was only a 6 week program.

After I took mom and I out to lunch at Long Johns for
a couple fish sandwiches, we split a small fry and drink.

From there we went to the thrift store.
They had orange tags 75% off and red tags 50% off.
Here are the deals I found there.

5 pairs of shorts for Jonathan 3 pair @ .99 cents each,  2 pair @ .50 cents each
5 shirts for Jonathan to go with the shorts @ .99 cents each.
I spent $8.92 on Jonathan's Summer wear for this year.
I've already put the shorts on a clip style pants hanger
and hung the shirt with it over top them to save on closet space.

I got Christopher a sleeveless shirt for .99 cents
I'm still working on getting the rest of his Summer wardrobe.

Found an electric lap blanket for $3.99
and I don't know why the electric cord wasn't included with because it
was attached in another bag for .99 cents.
So $4.98 total for the electric blanket.
(my limit for a lap type electric blanket is $5 and I pick them up when I can find
them at this price.   Trying to find one for everyone so we can lower
the heat in the Winter at night and use the blankets for warmth.)

5 small flower pots .50 cents each.
2 large bowls .99 cents each
I plan on using these plastic kitchen bowls as flower pots.
(the other colored pots I found at a church sale for .25 cents each.
I want to make a couple tipsy flower planters for the yard.
So far I have spent $5.23 to make two of them.
Still need to find flowers, dirt and two poles of some sort
to make them.  I plan to paint to clay looking plastic pots
with some pretty colors.

2 pairs of jeans for the boys .99 cents each.
Two pairs the boys wore recently at home had total blow
outs and weren't savable, beyond repair when the total crotch ripped out.
I also found me a pair of jeans for $1.99 (not pictured)
I've been finding that pants I'm getting out of my closet
are too large for me and I needed a few more pairs.
At the thrift store I have a set price of paying $1.99 or less for pants/jeans.
I also got a pillow case for .15 cents.
I plan to make a pet pillow for the cat with the pillow
case and fill it up with some beans from the bean bag
chairs I got and put this into the pet bed I found.


I've been reading and learning about how to make a square foot garden.
These types of gardens are great to use when you have small spaces.
If you don't know what one is you can google 'Square Foot Gardening'
or check out Frugal Dad's, 

How to Build a Square Foot Garden

I would love to be able to make one and they don't look all that hard
to do.  It would be a matter of obtaining some wood to make them.
I am a cheapskate so don't want to spend much on something like this
if I don't have to so have been giving it some thought about how to make one.
And here is the idea I came up with that would be free if you like to curb crawl
on trash day.  How about finding a bunch of old dresser drawers and using
them for the garden?  I thought I had snagged me some drawers to get started today.
I noticed a dresser with drawers out along the curb this morning before going
to church.  By the time I got done the trash man had already picked them up, bummer.
Going to keep my eye on the bulk furniture pick up area at Tony's work for some.
Free is good and that is what I am going for to make these with recycled items.
You will need to find real wood dresser drawers, not ones made with pressed board
or cardboard type materials.
Where I want to put a raised square foot garden is on the slope part of my yard.
So I've researched that as well.  I can add legs to the back corners of the dresser
drawers with some scrap wood to even out the boxes so that they lay flat.
The front of the raised beds will rest on the slope without legs.

DIY Garden: Dresser drawer raised beds



Got kitty's pillow done.  I took a regular pillow case I got at the thrift store
marked down to .15 cents and filled it about a third of the way with bean bag
beans then sewed it up on the sewing machine.  He's still a little hesitant to
climb into his bed with the new pillow in it.  He sits outside the bed and stares
into it like, "what is that in my bed!"



Tony cut the grass tonight both front and back.  While he was doing that I got out
my flower pots I just got and painted them on the front step.  I had to stop
for the evening because I lost my sunlight.  They still need a couple more coats.
I painted them because I ended up with lots of oddball colors and wanted
them to match.  I might doodle them up some more and put polka dots
in opposite colors on each one.  These will be used for the tipsy planters.

I told y'all just the other day I thought someone got in my truck again
going through stuff.  I guess Tony had told his supervisor at work
what had happened and the supervisor came up with a good idea.
And believe me I laughed at the idea and would only hope the security cameras
would pick up the next person who wants to get in there and root around.
Tomorrow Tony is bringing home sticky glue pad mouse/rat traps.  See
where I am going with this, LOL.  I'm going to put them into the console
and or glovebox of the truck.  When the thief gets in there and touches
that sticky trap to move it to he'll be in
for a rude surprise.  It won't hurt anyone but it will make them think twice
before messing with anything else.
I'm just tired of people getting into our stuff!!!
I know y'all thinking, lock the doors.  Well that's all fine and dandy
but there are times we forget to lock them.  While there isn't really
anything to steal in there, thieves if they want in, will break your window
if the doors are locked.  Been there done that.  And I would rather
leave the doors unlocked instead of having to replace a window.
We don't keep anything of any value inside our vehicles.
Gosh, that reminds me of years ago I awoke to find someone
had stole the back tires off one of our Trans Ams and left it on blocks.
And another time thieves stole my seat covers.
Now come on.  Is it really worth going to jail over seat covers.
Give me a break!


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