Sunday, April 15, 2012



Went down to the flea market this morning around 9:00am.
It wasn't as busy as last weekend. Tony got himself
an oil can for two bucks. It kind of reminded me of
something the tin man carried in the Wizard of Oz.
Not sure if you could buy these things anymore so
maybe it's an antique item?
Jonathan got a bicycle rim, tire and tube for 5 bucks
(a new inner tube alone would cost at the cheapest $5,
a tire around $20 or so and not sure how much a rim
would cost but I'm assuming much more than a tire for a new one)
and I got a couple of peg style hangers two for a buck.
I got the one for mom thinking she could hang her
necklaces from it.

We came back home through downtown Columbus considering
part of 71 North was closed. I was having fun
taking pictures of buildings while driving, lol.

For starters we were all having a contest to
see who could spot the cheapest gas. I won, LOL.
Ok, so the gas station was being built and not
open yet to have these kind of prices, lol.

Welcome to Columbus for those not from around here.
Columbus is 200 years old this year.

And today I was finally able to get a photo of
the billboard Ghost Hunters bench.
Who ya gonna call?
Ghost Investigators!

Now that we're back home I got started on some lunch or supper
or as I call it Lupper, lol.

I got a seasoning packet with baking bag at Kroger
in the mark down bin. I took the seasoning packet
and added some Italian bread crumbs and crushed
corn flakes and mixed all together.

Then I dipped pork chops into some Italian dressing
and then into the crumbs, placed inside
the baking bag and tied up and put a small slit in the top.

Next I peeled a sweet potato and sliced it thin,
coated the slices with canola cooking spray
laid a single layer on twos cookie sheet and then
sprinkled with some pumpkin pie spice seasoning
I found at Big Lots.
Will have these along with apple stuffing
with the pork chops.

I found some leftover strawberries and blueberry yogurt
in the fridge that needed used up. I hollowed
out the strawberries some, rolled in Splenda
then filled the insides with yogurt and put in
the freezer for a treat later on tonight.

Well gotta go and bust ass on getting laundry done today.
I'm only on the third load. Looks like it's gonna be a
long day considering tomorrow everyone goes back to
work and school and I have lots of stuff to get done
and ready.



4 loads of laundry done. I took some dryer lint
out to the porch light birdhouses and put a
bunch inside them to entice any birds who may
want to nest in them.



5 loads of laundry done. In the last three hours
I ate supper, put a load of laundry in and slipped a little nappy in.

Tony helped
Jonathan work on what he calls his Rat Bike (like a Rat Rod).
Jonathan built this bike from just a frame, sanded it down,
painted it, put on rims/tires/tubes and a chain.
He just needs to put on handle grips an inner tube and tire to be done.
By giving them the opportunity to work on and put
together bicycles I think gives them practice to become
mechanically inclined. The boys are only 10 and 12 years old.
One day they can slowly learn home
maintenance and how to work on cars.
We give them the chance, with guidance, to use some power tools.
Each year we try and buy them tools so they can over time
accumulate a large toolbox they'll have when grown.
They have a little bit
of knowledge now but are hoping to teach them much more in the years
to come so that have learning experience and training
to take with them when they move out and have families
of their own. (they are moving out one day aren't they??? LOL)


I just got done making two bean filled body type
pillows for me and Tony. I only used one bean bag
and still had 1/4 of a bean bag left.
Total cost for 2 pillows-

2 large velour fabric pillow cases .99 cents x's is $1.98
3/4's of bean bag beans .93 cents

Total cost for 2 body pillows- $2.91 for 2 or $1.45 each.

The cheapest body pillow I could find if I wanted
a new one with polyfil was $20.
So by making my own saved me bunches.

My fuzzy pink toes in pic for size comparison.

Here in a bit I am going to give Tony and both
boys haircuts then throw them in the showers to
be pretty and clean smelling for work and school tomorrow.
There's just never enough hours in a week to get things done.
I don't feel like we accomplished a whole lot
with doing things with the house on the indoors this week.
Time was spent mainly on the house and doing things outdoors.
Summer vacation is not that far away and that's when
I'll really put forth the effort to get the inside of
the house done. There's just too much to do in this
department to have it done in a week's time.



A little birdie admiring the drift wood bird bath.
Before, when I just had the bird bath with water in
it, every now and then I would see a bird visit it.
Now that I've added the drift wood in it, it has
attracted many more birds to it. I figured it
was more natural to birds than just a ceramic
birdbath. I also have stones that I collected
during our hikes along railroad tracks in the
water of the bird bath.

Oh, talking of birds, I wanted to show y'all
this tiny little nest I found the other day.
The smallest nest I have ever seen.
I'm going to guess it was a humming bird's nest.
Aint' it cute.



Wound down the evening by all of us hanging out with the neighbor
outside and watching all the kids wear themselves out.
7th and last load of laundry going and I tidied up the main
parts of the house some. Don't want to be sitting here
tomorrow when everyone goes back to work and school
looking at a messy living area. Got one more hair cut to
give then the boys are hopping into the shower and
going to scrub all the boy dirt off them.
How do they get that dirty??? They are like a magnet to dirt!
Gosh 6am is going to come awfully early tomorrow.
Time to get back to normal. I don't think that is possible around here.


Tax day is April 17th. Look for many deals and freebies on that day.
Here are a few to get you started.


Just saw about half of their commercial just now.
Buy 1 sandwich? (didn't see which ones) and get one for .17 cents.

Arby’s Free Curly Fries on Tax Day


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