Thursday, April 19, 2012



Still working on the Tipsy Flower Planters.

Brought my flower pots in from the outside to work
on them more today.
Kitty has to sniff EVERYTHING you bring into this house!
 Waiting for him to get a pot stuck on his head, lol.


Spent the last hour putting a third
coat of paint on the flower pots
and getting their bottoms painted.
The next step I want to do is to paint
polka dots in opposite colors on each pot.
I will finish with a waterproof clear coat
and then drill a hole
in the center of each bottom.


Another hour later and the polka dots are done.
I used a new pencil and dipped the eraser end into
the paint to create the polka dots.


I did not want to have to go out and buy 
a water resistant clear paint so I scoured my paint
supply to see what I could find.
I ended up using an acrylic, clear, pearl color
to put over the painted flower pots.
Acrylic, I read is water resistant but
I want to go even a step further once these
are dry and apply a coat of car wax to the pots
to help repel the water even more.
I'm trying really hard to use items that I already have
and not have to buy anything else to keep
these as cheaply made as possible.
Now of course I will have invest in some
flowers.  I'll scour different stores and watch sales ads to
get the best deal on those.  Usually I have good look finding
them at Marcs or Meijers.  I have potting soil that I got free.
Someone left it behind in their apartment shed 
at my hubby's work.
So far for just the 8 flower pots
I have spent  $3.25.
The paint was free that I used.
Now I need to find a couple poles of
some sort.  Will scour my honey's work
and curb sides for something I can recycle
to use to put the pots on.
Before & After picture.
The top pot doesn't have the pearl coat on it
while the bottom two do.  It gives it a sheen
like a ceramic glaze even though they are plastic pots.



Had to run to Kroger to get some milk this evening.

While there I decided to stock up on some
75% off Easter candy to put back for next year.
I got 6 bags.
The jelly beans were .50 cents
and the other candy was .57 cents.
Total for all 6 bags $3.35.
At regular price they would have been $2.28 each
x's 6 bags would have cost $13.68. 
I did keep one bag out to have something to snack on :0)

I also got me Revlon Colorsilk hair color while at Kroger for $3.29
Might color my hair tonight then this weekend
will do the Loreal Paris Shine Gloss
I got at the discount grocery store for $1.99.
Can't afford the beauty salons so try
to do everything myself.
I'm lucky to go get my hair cut once or twice a year if that
and that's for a $10 hair cut.



Got my hair colored.
During the Fall and Winter months
I use a darker blonde color
while in the Spring and Summer I go to a lighter blonde.



I used 
Revlon Colorsilk 04
Ultra Light Natural Blonde



Wouldn't it figure after just buying hair
color tonight that I would just now find
out about this next deal at Dollar General this week.
Guess where I'm stopping tomorrow?  lol
I just found two of the coupons mentioned below.
One I'll give to mom.
These coupons were in the Smart Source coupon
insert from this past Sunday on 4/15. 
I'm sure I'll give one coupon back to mom
considering she's the one who gave them to me.
Prices may vary by different stores and areas.

Buy 2 boxes of Clairol Balsam Hair Color $3 each
Total = $6
Use the $5/2 Clairol hair color coupon found in the 4/15 SS
Final cost only $1 total – just $0.50 each!
Don’t forget about the P&G Beauty Rebate Offer (valid for purchases made by 4/28)
 Buy $50 worth of products listed in rebate offer
(I'm assuming these are the prices before coupons)
and receive a $15 rebate.

Dollar General also has a printable coupon on their website
for $5 off $25.
If you use that coupon make sure you give it
to the cashier FIRST before handing over
any other coupons!


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