Saturday, April 28, 2012



I made some sweet Italian bread pizzas for lunch.

Sweet Italian bread $1.10
2 loaves cut in half 
then cut in half again.

1 can tomato soup- .50 cents

 garlic powder & Italian seasoning- free

1 pkg pepperonis $1.67

leftover ham- free

onion- .05 cents

2 cups shredded cheese $1.89

Total cost:  $5.21
serves 8 @ .65 cents a serving


I learned today that at hubby's work
they are totally redoing some of
the upper patio decks.
I'm going to try and get hold
of some of the old decking wood for free.
That sure would help out a lot
with all my projects.
If I can get that wood I could also
do my back stoop and maybe
make some borders around all my flower beds.



Got the Charger sold today.
That's two things sold in the past week.



My body aches are improving today
since putting heat patches on my shoulders.
But the tiredness starts to overwhelm me at times.
Was getting ready to lay down
and this is what I found in my bed!
Kitty's got it so rough around here, lol.
'Bout ready to tell him to scooch his 
butt over so I can lay down.


I just submitted my 6th reusable tote
bag design for the Kroger contest.


I told y'all yesterday that I had flowers coming up.
I forgot to mention that both of my trees I planted
3 years ago will have pears this year.
Be sure to check the marked down plants
area at your nearest Lowes.
I found these pear trees for only $1.50 each tree!!
I knew I wanted to plant a couple trees
to watch them grow over the years.
And I knew I didn't want ordinary trees
but ones that would be practical and
supply us some food. 
To buy fruit bearing trees you need
to have two in order for them to produce fruit.
Just like it takes a man and woman to make a baby.  
It kind of works the same way with
fruit trees.  The bees carry the pollen from
one tree to the other pollinating them.
I planted them on the first anniversary of 
buying our home.  I really wanted them after
moving in but couldn't afford any
especially after buying things for our home
like lawn and garden equipment,
paying 3% down, earnest money, paying 
inspector fees and everything else
that requires money when buying a house.
The first year we had them only one produced pears
while the other didn't have any.
Last year neither had any pears.
And I'm excited about them both having
pears this year.
It appeared that some of the pear buds
had been damaged by frost.
But there are some without the frost bite.
We'll see how this Ohio weather goes
to see if they pull through and make it.
And ya gotta watch the neighborhood kids
who like to pull the fruits from the trees
and use them as baseballs.  Grrr!
That happened the first year and I was so upset!
You take care of and baby your plants for many months
only to have it ruined like that.



Kitty the pole dancer, lol.


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