Friday, April 13, 2012



Just back from going to a couple yard sales
and a church sale. Here's what I got at the church sale.

Bathroom rug with non skid back $1.00

A set of 3 brass Home Interiors butterflies .75 cents

3 medium sized flower pots .25 cents each

I would like to make a tipsy planter with birdbath
and are looking for some cheap flower pots to make it with.
You can find the directions to make one yourself
at HomeStoriesAtoZ

And my last big find of the day was
6 bean bag chairs for $1.25 each at the church sale.

Should of seen the look on everyone's faces when we walked up to
pay for 6 bean bag chairs at the church sale, lol!
Little ole ladies running the sale couldn't help
but to come up and ask what I was going to do with them.
My creative mind never stops I know. I have been on the
hunt for some cheap bean bag chairs for a long time
and today was my lucky day. I did not get them to use
as chairs (even though the boys are going to claim two
of them to use as chairs and I'll be nice to let them
have two of the six). I got them to use the beans out of them.
I plan to make some bean filled body pillows and/or
mattress toppers for the bed(s). $1.25 per bean bag chair was a steal!
A bean bag chair runs about $25 and bag of bean bag filler
costs $15 at Walmart!


Break time is over. Getting ready to head outside and
power wash the back side of the house, the driveway under the
carport and possibly the shed roof. Don't that sound like fun?



While Tony was cleaning and moving things away from
the house under the carport to get ready to power wash,
I took my porch lights I got last week at a yard sale
($1.00 each) and painted them. I started by spray painting
them a solid black. I then had a very, very small amount
of a bronze spray paint that I spritzed on top of the
black to give it more of a rustic look.
They were originally a brass color. I am now waiting
for them to dry at the moment then will remove the
front glass in them so they can be used for bird houses.
Will attach the fence once done.

I think it would be cool to find another one of these
torch style porch lights and remove the base that is
used for mounting the light. Then cut out a hole
in the top of it and insert a good solar light into
it (after removing the light socket guts and wires).
Then pound a hollow, metal pole into the ground and
insert the bottom of the torch light into it to
make a pole light for the yard.

I love turning trash and yard sale and flea market finds
into something useful.



Well I am plum tuckered out for the day.

Tony power washed the carport area and driveway.

I got my porch light bird houses done and hung up on the fence.

Then I decided to see what else I could get into, lol.
So I weeded out the daylily and hosta flower bed.
It had a lot of pine needles, leaves and sticks.

Stopped for a bite. Tony fixed everyone some hamburgers on the grill.

Back to work around the pine tree flower bed.
As I was weeding I was finding bunches of wild onions.
Hmmmm, I thought. If wild onions like to live around
the hostas, daylilies and pine tree, then this would
be a perfect place to plant my onion sets.

So I cleaned out the flower bed and removed any weeds.

Then came the part of digging a couple hundred holes.
No fun at all. I got a couple blisters as a result of it.

I'm already eyeballing my next project, lol.
The fabric on our swing is starting to show its age.
The frame part is ok but I was thinking maybe we
could remove the fabric and add boards in its place.
We got the swing about 7 years ago off Freecycle.
The awning tore in a storm and we never put it back on.
Who needs it anyway in a shaded backyard.

Something like the design of this swing with
the boards running long ways across it.

Oh my goodness. Is it bedtime yet???



Wound down the evening by playing a couple games of cornhole then
I took everyone out to eat at Burger King. It's still vacation
time so still allowed to splurge some and reward everyone
for their hard work around the house.
I used up more of the BK coupons.
$14 for 4 Whoppers, 4 fries, 4 drinks, a frappe and a smoothie.
Stopped in the smoke shop on the way home.
After months of rolling my own cigs I
finally broke down and bought a cigarette case for $2.99.

My step-dad just called saying the battery in their
vehicle is dead. Not sure if they left something on
in the vehicle or what but we are going to attempt
to put the battery on a charger that we have.

For those of you in the Columbus area needing a cheap
car battery try-

Foster Battery A Division Of Dynalite Corp

965 Schrock Rd
Columbus, OH 43229

I think we bought a battery there last year for
one of our vehicles for around $35.
They do come with a warranty.
Not a bad deal if you don't have the money
for a new battery that could cost you $100+



Play Chick-Fil-A's 5 million fan give away.
Answer 5 questions correctly to win
a limited edition plush cow.
Allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

I won one, woo hoo. Or Woo Moo, lol.


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