Friday, April 6, 2012



Suspect caught trying to scale fence to get into our back yard. LOL
He has been ID'd and is now heading off to the nut house.



Just got back from yard sales this morning.

I got this organizer thingy
for $4, talked the lady down from $5.
I stands almost as tall as me and has 28 plastic
tote shelves that attach to the dowels
and has 12 pegs on each end to hang things from.
It's made by Molly 'N Me and was probably
a display in a store. I am wanting to
use it to organize my craft items in.
I was thinking I could possible add shelves
to the inside area of it also for more storage
for larger craft items.
You can't beat an organizer of this sort for only $4!

My next bargain was a Borner Mandoline slicer
with 2 extra slicing blades that aren't normally
in the set for only $2.00! And that included the holder,
6 blades and the thingy that attaches to your veggies.
This is not one of your cheap slicer sets
and they go for $50 to $60 on Ebay!
And those prices do not include shipping.

Not long ago I remembered a demonstration at Kroger
for one of these sets. We watched the demonstration
and got a free vegetable peeler for doing so.
When they said the slicer set was $50 (not including tax)I ran!
There was no way I was paying that much.
See, I waited and got one for only $2.00 a $48 savings, lol.

I also got two outdoor torch porch lights
(making birdhouses out of them. Check out my
post on Pinterest to see what one looks like
all done up and painted). There is a third torch porch
light thrown in for free but it is missing it's top
and a motion sensor light for $1.00 each.
We've been needing another motion light for
our front porch as our other one quit working.
Can't go wrong with spending only a buck on one, lol.

And a box of electronics which had 3 digital cameras,
and a set of two Motorolla walkie talkies.
The entire box was $1.00 !!!
We was told the cameras didn't work.
The boys have checked out 2 of the 3 cameras
and THEY DO WORK!!! They even have video on them
as well as regular picture taking.

-Kodak EasyShare Z700 4 MP

-Sanyo 7.1 MP

-DXG-305V Dig Cam 3.0 MP MP3 Video/sound



I'm plum tuckered out. We did all the yard work tonight
so we didn't have to worry about it while everyone was on
break and vacation for the next week.
I mowed the back and Tony did the front.
Then I weed whipped everything.
Can't feel my arm at the moment, lol.
Might head out to the flea market tomorrow morning
so that means an early wake up call tomorrow.
Will be heading to bed soon.
Was going to watch some Ghost Adventurers but
it's all shows they played last week.


I have been watching videos to get ideas of how
to use the "V" slicer I got today.
This sure will make life and cooking so much easier
than spending time slicing and cutting up
fruits and veggies with a knife.
I can't wait to use it for soups, freezer foods,
canning and or dehydrating.

Here is a video of the slicer I have and
what it does. The slicer is a German product
so the video is in German but you get the idea
of the kind of slices it does.

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