Tuesday, April 24, 2012



Not doing much this AM.
I didn't sleep well last night and are VERY tired.
My shoulders started hurting and
getting that burning sensation at the tips.
I popped a few ibuprofen which
takes the edge off.
I still haven't unloaded the wood from the truck.
Maybe this afternoon I'll get to it.
Think I'm going to go lay down for now and rest.



Crohn's Disease sucks!
You think of it as having to go to the bathroom a lot.
It's much more than that!
I'm tired of seeing these commercials on tv
that only show the urgency to go to the bathroom
when having Crohn's.
My pills are supposed to keep me in remission
but it seems like I keep having flare ups about
every couple of weeks.  
I am currently taking Lialda, 2 pills every day.
Doctor's don't know what causes Crohn's and
there is no cure.  Only medicines to try and 
keep you in remission. 

Crohn's Disease

People with Crohn's disease have ongoing (chronic) inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). Crohn's disease may involve the small intestine, the large intestine, the rectum, or the mouth. The inflammation causes the intestinal wall to become thick.
(I have ulcers in the colon, lower and upper intestines)
It is an autoimmune disorder. An autoimmune disorder is a condition that occurs when your body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue.
This causes ulcers and severe joint pain
and can cause extreme tiredness
along with a long list of other symptoms.

You never know when you will get a flare up.
One day you could be fine and wake up the 
next feeling miserable.  
Yesterday during the day and this past week I was ok.
But last night I started feeling pain and a burning
sensation in my shoulder tips and a little in my hips.
Now last week my knees did hurt a lot but that was the only symptom I had.
Today I am extremely tired.
I laid down and took a nap from 
10:30am to 2:00pm.
You would think I would feel well rested.
I don't.  I still feel like I have not slept.
Wish there was a way I could plug myself
into an outlet and recharge my batteries
to be up and running full speed.
I was wanting to make banana pudding dessert
tonight and I'll be lucky if I get supper made
of hamburgers and mac & cheese.
 Now my shoulder blades and neck are hurting.
Kids are  home from school and I asked them
pretty please not to have friends over in the house
today.  Maybe after dad gets home they can
have friends visit outside or go to the neighbors and play.
Tony made everyone supper.
It's amazing how food tastes sooo much
better when your are not the one making it, lol.
I laid down in bed from about
4:00 to 7:20pm.
Even ate supper in bed.
I try to get up in spurts and move
around a little til the tiredness takes
over and I retire back to bed. 



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