Saturday, April 14, 2012



Preparing a grocery list and getting ready
to go to Kroger to do weekly shopping.

Here's what will be on the menu at our home this coming week-

1. Sloppy Joes made with deer burger, tomato soup, bbq sauce & salsa
served with mac n cheese.

2. Angel Hair pasta with sauce served with a side of cheesy garlic bread.

3. Garlic parmesan with Italian herb pork chops
baked in a roasting bag served with apple stuffing and corn on the cob.

4. Ham and potato soup. Country sausage gravy mix combined
with some milk and ham broth as the soup base. Use
up leftover ham and cube up some potatoes.
Serve with shredded cheddar cheese on top.

5. Rice boiled with water and soy sauce topped
with smoked sausage medallions and chinese
vegetables topped with teriyaki sauce.

6. Breakfast pizza. Homemade pizza dough with
ranch dressing for the sauce topped with
leftover ham, maybe some homemade hash browns,
shredded cheese then eggs cracked
over the top of the pizza and baked.

7. Italian marinated fish fillets served
with homemade sweet potato fries.

8. Breaded chicken sandwiches with mayo and cheese served with
a side of mac n cheese.

Snacks & desserts-

Homemade sweet potato chips

Snickers Apple Salad

Apple pies (pie filling baked in hollowed out apples,
topped with pie crust and baked)



Well we didn't get down to the flea market this morning
due to rain. Will try again tomorrow and hope for
better weather.

Back from the store and just got all groceries
put away. Now grabbing a bite to eat at the moment
and working on a Snicker's Salad to have with supper
later on. I at least got 4 apples sliced up for it.
To keep the apples from turning brown after being sliced,
add lemon-lime or a citrus type soda like Mountain dew
to them in a bowl and make sure they are coated.
I got some snack size Snicker bars and put them in
the freezer. It makes it easier to chop them when frozen or
Just wack 'em with a hammer or something of the sort.

I am also working on laundry. Being vacation time I did not
do laundry last week so this weekend I will
be playing catch up. Everyone was saying they only have a day left
til they go back to school and work. I said I go back to work
today. The kids gave me a funny look and said, you don't work.
I said, I don't? Then open up the basement door and take
a look at the pile of laundry at the bottom of the steps.
That to me is work!! That to me is getting back to my
regularly scheduled program.

The kids were out for a week for Spring Break.
When they return to school I think there is only
31 more school days left til Summer vacation.

Whelp, it's time to go change the laundry over.
I'm going to be working on laundry the whole weekend.



We went and visited a friend in Groveport
then stopped by a thrift store in Great Southern.
I got a couple of fuzzy pillow cases that I'm going
to turn into body pillows filled with bean bag beans.
They were .99 cents each.

I also got a bundt cake pan for .90 cents.

So tired. Hubby woke me up at 6:45am this morning
asking me if we were going to the flea market.
Obviously we didn't go due to rain.
So now I am feeling the affects of getting up early
and my butt is dragging. Might head to bed early tonight
and catch up on some zzzz's.


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