Saturday, April 7, 2012



I don't like vacations that involve too much work
and not enough relaxation!

Up and Adam at around 7:30AM and went down to the flea
market on the South end. The only thing I bought
was some flower seeds. This one lady had boxes of
flower and veggie seeds 30 packs for $1.00.
I got 60 packs for $2.00.
Each flower packet had original price stickers
of $1.00 to a little over $2.00 on each one.
Can't go wrong at only .03 cents a pack!

I have a few mini photos albums and put one
to use by putting all my flower seed packets in it.

After the flea market we stopped by Tony's work to
borrow their power washer. I also found 3 blinds they
disposed up. Tony just gave me a funny look at wondered
why I had even got them and put them in the truck.
That's another day that I'll show you the project
I plan on doing with them. Gotta love Pinterest because
that's where I got the idea from. But for now I'll
keep you in suspense.

We spent the rest of the afternoon til about 6:30pm
power washing 3/4ths of the house, the front stoop,
the suburban, and most of the fence.
Then we removed all the shutters and I spray
painted them white. Oh and I also decided to
rearrange the pile of rocks our old neighbor
dumped into our yard about a year or two ago.
It looks a little better and now looks like
it could be a rock flower garden. Hopefully,
if I can get a few of these flower seeds that I
got today, to grow in the middle of them.
I don't have to worry about the neighbor putting
weed killer on them since he no longer lives
behind us.

I am so beat that I sure as heck didn't feel like cooking tonight.
I took everyone to Burger King and used the buy 1 get 1 free coupons.
The cashier tried telling me I couldn't use two coupons.
I then told her to split my order then so I could use both.
I threw her off guard a little and said again,
ring up one order to use the one coupon, I pay for it,
then ring up the other order for the other coupon
and I pay for it. I'm so tired of this crap where
places send you a booklet of coupons and they won't
accept more than one coupon when you try and take
your family out to eat so I found a way around it.

Here's some photos of today and what we did.

Before of the fence that was a dull looking gray.

After we power washed it. Looks good as new.

My rock boulder, soon to be flower bed.
Don't ask how I moved those big rocks by myself!
Will weed out another day. I removed rocks from
the center of it and there was a mess load of ants
under them.

Here we are firing up the power washer.

Yup, I do agree, the house has needed a bath for the past
two years!

Removed the shutters from the front and side of the house.

Power washed the front stoop.
I didn't realize it was that dirty til Tony cleaned it!

I power washed the fence by the iron trellis.
This used to be part of a gazebo we got free
off of Freecycle and I use it to grow my
morning glories on next to the driveway.
Today I got some more varieties of morning glory
seeds to go with the ones I already grow-
Picotee Red, Chocolate, Red Star.
Along with a few other climbing flower seeds-
Cobaea Scandens, Cardinal Climber and Cypress Vine.

I hung the shutters in the tree to spray paint them.

Then laid all the shutters on the sidewalk to dry.
Thank goodness there was only 6 to do.
I can't feel my finger tips any more thanks
to the spray paint cans!! And my forearms are
like rocks from spray painting and power washing

The house and yard looks so much nicer now.

I am so wore out and my body and arms ache.
Maybe you can understand this photo a little
more after seeing all the work we've done.
Just drill me!

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