Saturday, April 21, 2012


10:00 - 10:30am

Me and mom went over to her church
this morning.  Once a month they have a
free food and clothing pantry.  Mom took over 
some clothes to donate and I got 
a large trash bag of clothes, mostly for the boys.
I found them a couple lighter jackets,
some t-shirts & pants and I think a couple pairs of shorts.
When I fully get out the Summer wardrobe I'll
go through it and whatever doesn't fit
I'll then turn around and donate back to the church.
I got me a pretty, fleece sweater.

Tony's had the on call pager all week.
It's been pretty good with no calls during the evenings.
But now it's the weekend so we'll see how it goes.


This afternoon we stopped by Tony's work
to pick up some blankets that a resident
left behind when they moved out.
I love freebies and LOVE these blankets!
While these are regular sized blankets I
call them baby blankets because of the softness of the fabric.
Ya know those kind of blankets that as you are
walking down the isle of a department store
your arm and hand extends out to caress the fabric
as you walk by wishing you could have one.
Ok, maybe that's just me that does that, lol.

Now these two blankets are more
the size of a lap blankets.
These will go perfectly on the kid's twin beds.

 These are full sized, just folded up.
Kids will probably use them on their beds also.

And lastly this is mommy and daddy's blanket
for our bed since it is the biggest of all.
I guess it's more of a comforter
because it's double thick with batting
or filler on the inside and the tag says JC Penny.
I think the fabric is called micro mink
which is a faux fabric which feels like mink.
So soft!

After stopping by work we went to Menards.
I wasn't having any luck finding poles for the tipsy
planters.  I found green, plastic type
garden stakes for .99 cents for the planters.
I also got 4 six packs of petunias.
The sign said they were $1.78 per six pack.
They rang up at $1.58.
After we left the store I realized
I was only charged for three of the four packs of flowers.
So $1.58 x's 3 is $4.74 for the flowers.
(at total of 24 flowers in all)
I went with red, white and blue (violet)
colored scheme for the flowers.

Be sure when you buy flats or packages of flowers
like the 4 or 6 packs that you are getting what you paid for.
There have been times I have bought veggies or flowers
and realized after I got home that there was some
missing in those little pots.
Before purchasing these flowers I made sure
there was one in each of the six pots of the packs.

I'll wait another day before putting everything together.
I thought it was supposed to be in the 50's today.
It is 44 degrees and feels like 39.  BRRRR!
Yesterday it was in the 70's.


Bye bye trailer.  You have served us well
and have given us many memories.
Like the time your tongue broke completely off
while towing a car making that
night look like the fourth of July with all the sparks
you gave off
to the point of getting a passing cops attention, lol.
Then the tow truck driver we had to call had to
figure out how to tow a trailer with a broken
tongue with a car on it.

Sold today to one of the boy's friend's father
to use for hauling his pontoon
and to use to move things from their home.
We  just learned that they are losing their
house to foreclosure.  Sad!
So many people are moving around here because of it.
A neighbor behind us lost his house.
Another neighbor two house from that same
person is in the process of foreclosure.
Another house three doors down from
us foreclosure.   I see another one of the boys friends down
the street today with a Uhaul in their drive way. 
I just looked at our family
and said,  you better count your blessings
and be glad that you have the things that
you have and not complain about the material things that you wish you could have because so many others are losing their
homes and some don't know where they will live.

Had another tire kicker come check out the truck for sale.
I don't get hopes up.  If someone comes along and buys
it then that's when I get excited.
If you spend your life getting your hopes up
for things then you will end up with many disappointments.
Just like when we were looking for a house.
I figured when God decides it was meant
to be everything will fall into place. 


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