Thursday, April 26, 2012



Mom called this morning and asked
if I wanted to tag along on her trip to Meijer.
I said sure because I wanted to check out their
vegetable plants.  This is usually where I buy
them cheaper than other stores.

Today I found veggie plants for
.99 cents a 4 pack.  While checking
for some decent plants and making sure
the ones I picked had four plants in each one
(many I picked up only had three
so be sure to check) 
I noticed that some had extra plants
in them.  I got 11- 4 packs of veggies.
I ended up getting 4 extra plants
in some of those packs for
a total of 48 plants.
Total cost was $10.89
Then I used a 10% employee discount of $1.09
and that made them all $9.80or .89 cents a 4 pack.
When you add in the extra 4 plants I got 
it was like I paid .20 cents per plant.

I got-

2 pks Early Girl Tomatoes

1pk Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

3 pks Beefmaster Tomatoes
(somehow I ended up with 3 packs
of these when I only wanted 2)

1pk Green Bell Peppers

1pk Yellow Bell Peppers

1pk Red Bell Peppers

1pk Ceyenne Peppers 

1pk Red Chili Peppers 

Before checking out with my plants
I cruised by the produce section because
 I know sometimes Meijer will put out
a cart with marked down fruits and veggies.
I got 2 heads of lettuce for .25 cents each
and 3 bags of celery.
.67 cents, .55 cents and .50 cents for each one.

Did you know that you can chop off the 
bottoms of store bought celery and plant them
in your garden and they will regrow?!
 So there's three more plants I'll add to my garden.
Still need to make the garden though so these
plants will stay inside til then.



I felt ok today.
At least this morning and part of this afternoon.
I decided to use that time of feeling better
to straighten up my house which
has been going to heck and back the last
couple of days due to not feeling well.
I think I rushed into things.
I now feel worse than what I started with.
Shoulders down both arms, my upper legs
and my lower back ache, throb and feel inflamed.
One step forward and three steps back.
Still taking mom to some yard sales
tomorrow morning for a bit,
or at least as long as I can stand it.
Ibuprofen isn't doing a darn thing.
I might try Naproxin tomorrow aka Alleve
to see if that works any better for the muscle
and joint pain.

I'm tired so might be heading to bed soon.
I was up at 3:45am this morning when the
rain came down in sheets.
It was raining so hard hitting the window
and that's what had woke me up.
I got up and went out under the carport
to see if the yard might be flooding again.
I didn't see anything.  Then I went to the basement
to check the fuse box.  During major down pours
we have been getting water coming in through
where wiring comes through our basement walls
and water would pour over our breaker box.
We ended up with a bad main breaker
one time and lost half the power to our home
around Christmas time.
The breaker box is less than 4 years old.
A couple months ago I caulked all the outside
holes around wiring.  
Thank God it worked this time around
keeping water out! 

Nighty night.
Hoping tomorrow is a better day for me
because at the moment my body feels like
it is on fire.


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