Thursday, April 12, 2012



Been working out in the yard this morning planting zinnia seeds.
I got the rock flower bed weeded and dug up and planted
Thumbellina Zinnias around the inner edges and
Giant Cactus Zinnias in the middle.

Then I worked on digging up some areas around the bolder rock
and planted Giant Cactus Zinnia seeds in between the
Daylilies and another yellow bulb flower that's in
front of the rock.

From there I moved on to the front yard flower bed
and planted Giant Cactus Zinnias and Cut And Come Again Zinnias

I had some drift wood that I found when we went out on a hike.
I did have them in the rock flower bed but feared that a kid would
pick it up and break them so moved both pieces and put
them into my bird bath for an artistic look.



Just got back from taking mom over to Cat Welfare to see her cat.
She's been letting two stray cats into their home for a little
while now. One went missing for about three days and when
it finally made it back to mom's it was dragging it's back leg.
They took it to a vet to see what was wrong and the vet
said someone had shot it and the bullet shattered it's rear
leg. The leg was not savable and the cat either had to have
it amputated at $1500 or be put down. They didn't have the
money for the operation and made a phone call to cat welfare
to see if they would take the cat and they said they would
so that's where the cat is. Cat Welfare had the leg amputated
and he is doing fine with recovery. We are all allowed to
go there and visit him.

After leaving Cat Welfare I took mom to a new thrift store
I've been seeing on Indianola not far from there.
I didn't find anything
of interest but I just so happened to see a cell phone
for mom right as we were heading out the door. It
was in the glass case by the register. It almost looks
like the cell phone I have now. Mom's cell phone battery
hasn't been holding a charge very well and she's been
needing another phone for awhile. I even bought her
a new battery for her phone one time and it still
didn't hold up too long. They do NOT take debit cards there
so I bought mom's phone with the cash I had on hand
for yard sales. It had the house charger with it and
was fully charged when we bought it. Oh, and it was $5.00.
So I hope it works for her if she goes through the trouble
of getting her old phone transferred to the new one.


Domino’s is once again offering up FREE Artisan pizzas in the Domino’s Artisan Pizza Tonight Giveaway.

Head over to the Domino’s Facebook page, “like” them and then click on the Artisan Pizza Giveaway tab. The first 15,000 fans to fill out the required information will each snag a FREE Artisan Pizza (a $7.99 value!).

Once you fill in your info you will have the option of
ordering your free pizza now or having them send
the info to your email so you can order it at a later date.
It's good til I think April 18th. I opted for the later
date pizza. It's only good for pick up.


Tony got the back window of our truck fixed.
If you locked the doors then the back window
wouldn't go up or down. Somehow the door lock
wire came loose and would interfere with the
window track. And he also replaced a blown
speaker that was in that same door with one
that came with our new radio.


Whew, this vacation has been nothing but work around the
house getting the honey do list done.

Today we had to move the car trailer and park it
under the carport.

Why is it when you try to move things like a trailer around
and back it into a driveway everyone wants to come down the road?
It sure felt that way today. Then you feel pressured to hurry
up and go faster and make mistakes.

Next we took down a fence panel and worked on
getting the Charger removed from the back yard.
We have plans to sell it to a junk yard.
Just don't have the time nor money to put into it.

Since the Suburban was in the driveway from putting
the trailer under the carport I told Tony to use
the pickup and pull the Charger out of the backyard.
I was in the Charger steering it out while
Tony was pulling me in the truck. Remember the part
of where it seemed like everyone wanted to go
down the street, well it got the point we were flagging
arms to tell people to turn around. We got the car out
into the road and sure enough as luck would have it
the pickup runs out of gas and dies in the process.
So now there are two dead vehicles blocking the road.
One has no tags on it and the other's temporary tags
expired two days ago. All I envisioned in my head
was mr. po po driving by wondering what in the heck
we were doing. I'm thinking hurry up and get these
vehicles off the street and into our own yard!
Lucky for us Tony just filled the gas can for the lawn
mower and used that to put in the pickup's tank. He got it
started and drove it around front and parked it then got
out the ole Suburban to take it's place and finish pulling
the car out.

All vehicles are where they are supposed to be now
and the fence panel is put back up. Thank goodness
that whole ordeal is over with and that car is
out of the back yard!



I took everyone out to Taco Bell this evening for supper.
Too tired to cook and hey that's what you do on vacation isn't it?
When we left Taco Bell I was noticing gas prices were going
back up to $3.80 something. I backtracked to a Turkey Hill
where it was still $3.52. Wasn't getting gas there as it had
a line going out to the main road. You would have thought
they were giving gas away. I found a UDF with the same lower
prices but they only had 4 pumps and were packed as well.
I was just going to give up on getting the cheaper gas.
So we ended up going over to Tony's work to dump off things
that Tony was throwing away from where he cleaned the shed.
I got lucky and found another Turkey Hill that still had
the $3.55 per gallon plus I had .20 cents off my Kroger Plus card
making it $3.35. Who would have ever thought that you were
getting a deal on gas paying $3.35 a gallon??!!

Anyways we are back home now and chilling for the evening.
Tomorrow's another day. Getting up early and heading
to a church sale in the morning.
I tried to sleep in this morning but woke up about 8:30am
with a backache and had to get up.



Tony just called and talked to his mom. I know it's late
but he tries to call and talk to her on her free cell minutes.
My mother-in-law was saying she thought she was getting
a cold while we were visiting up there. My father-in-law
just got over being really sick. Why in the world would you invite
other people over with everyone being sick???

Now we find out
tonight she missed work today and went to the doctor
and he thinks she has strep throat. Great!
Strep throat is contagious and our whole family was
around her. I hope and pray we all don't get sick!!
I have also been around my mom and step-dad since our visit.
I don't need any more doctor bills to worry about.
I'm trying to catch up with the ones I do have
and are doing what I can to get those paid off.
It's not like I can pump the family full of vitamins
and take Zicam to prevent from getting it if we came in contact with
the strep bacteria.

Here are things you should know about strep throat-

If you come into contact with strep, it will take 2 to 5 days before you start to have symptoms. (so far we have gone 2 days with no symptoms)

Strep throat will go away in 3 to 7 days with or without treatment. Doctors usually treat strep throat with antibiotics even though they may not make you well faster. Antibiotics shorten the time you are able to spread the disease to others (are contagious) and lower the risk of spreading the infection to other parts of your body.

You are contagious while you still have symptoms. Most people stop being contagious 24 hours after they start antibiotics. If you don't take antibiotics, you may be contagious for 2 to 3 weeks, even if your symptoms go away.

Strep throat usually does not occur with cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or a runny or stuffy nose. The more cold symptoms you have, the less likely it is that your sore throat is a strep infection.

Strep Throat - Prevention

To avoid getting strep throat, it is a good idea to avoid contact with anyone who has a strep infection.

Wash your hands often when you are around people with colds or viral or bacterial illnesses. Do not share toothbrushes or eating and drinking utensils.

* Bacteria are almost always transmitted by contact with tiny droplets from an infected person. Strep throat is passed from one person to another by contact with the tiny droplets of an infected person's cough, sneeze, or breath.

* Bacteria can also live for a short time on doorknobs, water faucets, and other objects. If you touch an infected object and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, you can become infected with the bacteria or virus.

* Bacteria can also be carried on food.

Ok there's your health lesson for today, lol.

Time to be getting to bed for another early wake up call tomorrow.


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