Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here is my most recent bag designed for the
Kroger reusable bag contest.
Please vote for it HERE :0) 
It's the most popular of all the bags I've designed so far.
It's ranking 146 out of 16, 064 bags designs entered.



Still feeling a little achy and tired today
but not as bad as yesterday.

I awoke from my nap with an awful case of acid reflux.
I took a heartburn pill in hopes that it will clear up soon.
And guess what?  I'm making chili for supper.
Boy if those two don't clash. 



Still haven't got around to getting the wood out
of the truck since Monday eve.
But I have noticed that boards are
slowly disappearing out of there.
And have noticed a fort of some
sort being built by our shed.
So much for using some of my wood
to make garden boxes out of, lol.
That's ok.  I figured out a plan "B"
to make them fairly cheap.
It will cost $21.28 plus tax to make
seven- 7 foot long x 2 feet wide raised garden beds 5 1/2 inches high (all connecting to one another) 
if I use 17 fence picket boards from Lowes.
Double that price and supplies to $42.56 if I make
the garden bed 11" tall.
I already have screws and scrap wood
to use in the corners of the beds to attach the sides to.
The only thing I would need is to hire
someone to go pick up a truck load of free horse manure for me
if or when I make them.



Going to lay down.  I took ibuprofen
about 40 minutes ago and feel no relief
of pain in my shoulders/arms from it.
I don't dare raise my arms up.  
I'm lucky to get my hair tied up in a pony
tail and that's all I can do.
I can't even comb/brush out my hair at the moment.



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