Friday, April 20, 2012



Heading out to some yard sales this morning.
Didn't find very many on Craigslist so
are hoping to find more along the way
of searching for the ones I do know about.
 Will let you know how it turns out.



Got a couple of cool photos this morning.
Can you guess how I did this? LOL

 It's the sunlight shining through the blind casting a shadow.



Spent the morning and part of the afternoon 
going to garage sales with mom.

Yard ornament.
Baby sleeping in angel's wings $2.00
(church sale)

10 medium sized plastic flower pots .50 cents
(church sale)
(I think I have given up on clay pots
as they just crumble and fall apart over time)

Axe body wash
(it was $1.00 but I don't think I got charged for it)

Neck pillow .50 cents.
(yard sale)
I got this to sit on at times.
If you have Crohn's Disease
you would understand why you would want to
have something like this to sit on.
I have been on the hunt for one of these for awhile.

A package of 4 rolling wheels .50 cents.
Trying to collect a bunch of these
for as cheap as possible to put on some bookcases.
(church sale)

4 scented candles ranging from .25 to .50 cents.
(church sale)

 Round cat toy with balls and boingy thing .50 cents.

Letter holder to put my current bills in .50 cents
(both from yard sales)

 This week instead of renting movies
from Blockbuster Express for $1 to $3
I decided to buy dvd's.
Bounty Hunter $1.00
Couple's Retreat .50 cents
Blue Collar Comedy Tour $1.00
(putting this one up for Tony for Christmas)
 (yard sale)

Santa Christmas ornament .10 cents

Headphones .25 cents

Polo shirt for Tony $1.00

Large cabin and geese picture in frame $2.00

And lastly is 2 vhs storage boxes .50 cents each
(church sale)
I got these to use for my craft storage.

My last stop before coming home 
was Dollar General.
I did find the Clairol hair color for $3.00.
I bought 4 of them for $12.00
and used two $5.00 off 2 coupons
making it $2.00 for 4 boxes of hair coloring
or .50 cents each!


I got my cable bill today and are not too happy with it.
It's been a year since I signed up with Insight
and I no longer get the new subscriber deal.
I was paying $104 for the past year
for digital cable with DVR, home phone and internet.
Do you not think it is ridiculous to at the end the year
 bump my freaking bill
from $104 a month to $151.33 a month!
That's a $47.33 hike in price each month!
That's an extra $568 a year!
I think when I dropped Wow I was 
paying $138 a month at regular prices.
As much as I hate doing it I see it is time
once again to find a new provider.
I cannot afford it at the price Insight now wants.
I could see a $10 to $20 increase but
not an increase of over $47!!
Actually I was told by an Insight salesman
that I would only see an increase of $10 more
at the end of the year.
They are such liars and will tell you anything
to get you to sign up with them.

Is this what people have to do all the time is
jump around to different providers each
year to get the best deal?
That is so stupid.
How do they intend to keep customers that way?

So now I am researching what Wow has
to offer on their bundled packages once again.
Let me say this, you have got to read the fine print!!

I see a package deal for $110.
That sound really good.
But then I read the fine print
and you have to add in $5.00 each month to rent a modem,
$2.00 a month for each additional tv 
you want to have cable (4 x's $2.00 is $8.00 for us),
and I'm sure they'll charge you about
$5.00 each month to rent the DVR.
Now let's throw in $17 in for the fees and taxes.
(that's what they are on Insight's bill so I'll use that
for an example)
And now the grand total is $145.
That's only $6 difference from what
I am paying now at regular price with Insight.
Where is the package deal price?
I don't seem to be saving much if I were to get it. 

So what else do I do?
I guess start by calling insight to tell them
I am not happy with their prices and are
going to leave them if they don't give me
a better deal and see what they say.
Then call Wow and see what their prices would be
then compare the two.
And when I ask what their prices would be
I want them to tell me the final price
with taxes, fees, modem/dvr rentals and all that jazz
would be for my monthly bill.
I don't want no surprise bills
that are much higher than anticipated.


Now here's another situation we have that
might upset a neighbor.
Truck driver neighbor has agreed to mow another
neighbor's yard each week.  
(Truck driver neighbor lives caddy corner from us
and the person who needs their yard mowed
lives directly next door to us.)
I think he mowed it once or twice this year
then he up and stopped.  He told me earlier this week
on his day off that he was going to mow this neighbor's yard
but the day came and went and he did not do it.
He was home all day.  The poor lady's yard
looks awful and has a gazillion dandelions in it
with the fluffy heads.  So last night we confronted
the older lady and asked her what was going on
with truck driver neighbor cutting her yard.
She said she didn't know why he hasn't cut it.
We knew she was embarrassed about how her yard
looked and even commented saying her yard
has never looked that bad before.
So we offered to cut her yard for her.
She said she would give it one more day
to see if truck driver neighbor would come
forward and either say why he wasn't cutting
it or actually come over to cut it.
I came home from yard sales today to 
find a note on our gate from this lady
saying to go ahead and cut her grass.
So now tonight we'll be doing just that
and worry when truck driver neighbor pulls
up that he'll get upset that we are taking
over his job that he has neglected.
We don't mean to make anyone upset
and are only trying to look out for our elderly neighbors.
But what would you do if this was your yard?!
This was taken 4-18 and it's now 4-20.
He was supposed to of cut it 4-16.


At around 4:30pm, before Tony got home from work,
I decided to get out the mower and start cutting
the neighbor's grass.  I was actually hoping to get it
done before truck driver neighbor got home.
That didn't work in my favor as a big ole
semi truck rolled up as I was half way through
the front yard.  He's trying to talk to me out
the window of a running rig and my mower's
going.  All I could see was his mouth a moving.
I shut down the mower to hear what he was saying.
He says, I suppose I'm fired.
I'm thinking, here we go.
I say don't worry about it.  You're not fired from
your lawn mowing job.  I said the lady asked
if we would mow her yard and I did 
what was asked.  I tried to keep the conversation plain 
and simple.  I'm sure he was upset about
it at first but as the evening went on I think
he got over it.  Trying to keep the peaces with everyone
and not step on anyone's toes.  His kids came over and played with
our kids.

We had a tire kicker stop bye tonight
to check out the pickup for sale.
They wanted to trade some car for it
according to what Tony said.
He didn't go for it.
I think we have enough vehicles/trailers
that we don't exactly need another one.
Plus I need the money to pay on doctor bills.
I was at another neighbor's house directly
across the street from us with all the kids
while Tony was showing the pickup.
Every year this 90+ year old neighbor gets
visits from a duck family.
They don't visit long and might come
and go for a couple days then you won't
see them again til next year.
These ducks kept the kids entertained
for quite some time.  The lady brought
out a bowl of bird food for them.
They ate, had a sip of water, 
groomed themselves, then laid in the grass for awhile.
It didn't bother them that kids were only
a matter of feet away from them.


Truck driver neighbor has been trying to
give me $20 for mowing the lawn.
He says that the lady had prepaid him
already to mow her yard and he said
he now owed me for a job that I did for him.
I did not accept it.
I should have because he never paid me for
an entire day of watching his kids one time.
But I did not!
He then came over to our house just now
and once again tried to give me $20 again.
I once again told him I didn't want it.
I said it was my way of helping out a neighbor
and that's the type of things neighbors should 
do for one another.
See how I can turn this whole situation around
and keep an argument from getting started?
I did my random act of kindness for someone
and kept the peace with another.
Now if this lady tries to pay me
I'll probably not accept it either
even though on her note she left me
said she would pay me.
Sure I mowed her front and back yard,
weed whipped and use a leaf blower 
and broom to remove yard waste
from sidewalks.  It was good exercise for me
and it was a very nice day to be outside.
I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
I may need help with something one
day and I hope this will be remembered between both neighbors.



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