Monday, April 23, 2012



Got a large ham in the crock.
In the bottom of the crock I added a couple
cups of water and some chicken bouillon cubes.
I sliced up some sweet potatoes and
hollowed out a few leftover apples I had
and put the apples in with the sweet potatoes
in the bottom of the crock.
Add ham then coat with sugar-free maple syrup and honey.
Top with allspice, cinnamon and 
sugared apple pie seasoning.

Candy Apple Pie Dessert made in apple cups.

Pour some kind of citrus soda into
your hollowed out apples while making
the next step.  This will keep them from browning.

In a skillet I added a can of apple pie filling
(found at Dollar Tree)
and chopped up the apple slices into smaller pieces.
I then added cinnamon, sugared apple pie seasoning 
and a handful of red hot
and simmered til they were melted. 

While simmering I poured a little bit
of a Betty Crocker gingerbread cookie mix
into a bowl and added a little butter
and mixed together with a fork like
you would when making a pie crust.

Fill hollowed out apples with pie filling.
Spoon cookie & butter mix on top.

To make everything easier 
I put the apples in a jumbo muffin tin.
This will also help catch any overflow
of filling that may bake out of them.

Bake 350 degrees 30-40 minutes.

Will let you know how it turns out
since it is something I just threw together
and don't plan on baking til this evening.



Another entry I made for the Kroger tote contest.


When we sold our car trailer our wooden 
homemade ramps went with it.
We were using them to cover a hole in
on our back stoop.  Now I'm trying to
find some wood to put over that hole again
and I could use some wood to make
some garden boxes, headboard benches
and to redo our swing.
I started looking on Craigslist because sometimes
people will post free wood.
I saw a post that said it had lots of
free scrap wood good for shelving and misc projects
sitting out at the curb.
And as luck would have it, it is just around
the corner from hubby's work so I'm going
to have him stop by there to see if it
is still available.  I'd hate to make a wasted
trip over there tonight with the truck
only to find it's gone.
While I got my fingers crossed hubby's
are up in the air, lol, asking what in the world
I am going to do with this wood.



Columbus schools will send out
recorded telephone messages at times
about upcoming events.
I think they boo-booed with this
telephone message I got not long ago
when it was talking about having a 
food drive for our troops.
Then it went on to say...
Happy Thanksgiving and we can't
wait to see you all next week.


Hey CCS (or at least our elementary school) 
finally sent out the right message, lol.
It was about the children in the 3, 4 & 5th grades
taking a test.

I'm currently working on getting supper done.
I removed the ham from the crock and sliced
up half of it.  

I then spooned out the apple
and sweet potato slices and mashed them up
along with a partial packet of instant mashed potatoes.

I returned the sliced ham back into the
crock pot and let it cook awhile longer in the broth.

I also have the apple pie cups in the oven baking
for dessert.  I added a little water, just to cover
the bottoms of the muffin cups, so it wouldn't burn.


I got a freebie in the mail today, woo hoo!
It was a box of 20 count Bayer Advanced Extra Strength Aspirin.
Mom also got a free bottle today that I sent away for.


Tonight we have a freeze advisory so please
make sure to cover up your plants.
Northern Ohio has a Gale Wind Warning.
And can you believe that Northeast and Eastern Ohio
has a Winter Storm Warning!!
considering it's almost MAY!!



More bird visitors making an appearance in the neighborhood.
Today we had a couple of geese with 4 babies.
So cute, yellow and fuzzy.



Got supper served.  I even gave a neighbor kid
a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich and a half of an apple pie cup.
It's all kid approved!  LoL.

I even got away with feeding the kids sweet potatoes
and apples!  They asked what it was and I told them
mashed potatoes.  I didn't lie.  They loved it and asked for seconds!
Neither would probably eat sweet potatoes
and I know one child won't eat apples unless it's applesauce.

After we eat we're heading over to Upper Arlington
to get some free wood.  Tony said it's still sitting
along the curb.  



Went and picked up the wood.
It was an odd assortment of pieces
but most was real, solid wood,
some pegboard pieces as well.
Also picked up a bookcase type shelf.
This might work for a raised
garden bed if I remove the inner shelves.
We also found a fan and a tree trimmer
in other stuff there along the curb.

I would love to find someone getting rid
of some old decking wood so I can
recover the back stoop steps with them.

Here is another idea to make a container garden for
a slope that could attach to the fence
over the slope.
A three step riser costs about $8.00 each 
at Home Depot which could add up quickly
considering the length of our fence..  
Flower boxes could be gotten
at yard sales and the flea market for cheap.
Just ideas I'm jotting down.
All I know is it's a "B" to mow that area
of the yard and I would love to somehow
turn it into a square foot (2ft wide) garden along the fence so
I won't have to mow it.

Oh, I wanted to mention that I saw birds
going in and out of the porch light birdhouses today.
I think they were taking the dryer lint out of them though
and not moving into them.


I was thinking about making some 
Banana Pudding in the near future.
It seems like a lot of the mark downs
I have been finding lately have
been pointing me in that direction.

package of Kroger brand nilla wafers .89 cents
sweetened condensed milk .50 cents
pudding mixes .25 cents
Aldi bananas .44 cents a pound (let's say $1.00 for 4)
(kroger's is .59 cents a pound
and I haven't been able to find their marked down bananas)
Cool Whip can be found for .99 cents

Total cost to make $3.38


And yet another one of 
my entries for the Kroger tote contest.


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