Monday, April 30, 2012


Blogger hasn't been nice to me lately.
I wrote a whole bunch yesterday
and went to publish it and only the 
part about the flea market and the seeds
I bought showed up.  I was so upset
because I posted a lot and didn't
feel like writing it all again.
So today we'll see how it goes
and I'll try to redo everything. 



I got everything reposted again from yesterday.
What a pain in the rear.


9:30 - 10:15pm

 I got the tomato cages, which was one long
continuous cage that went around
my tomato plants last year, taken down and rolled up.
It was tacked in with U shaped staples,
wiring and rope to hold it up on the posts
and bottom boards to keep the rabbits and
other critters out.  No fun.  But it's done.
Then I removed and raked out all
the weeds.   Nothing like starting
off the morning with sore arms.
Now comes the fun part of figureing out
how to design the garden beds.
Kinda liking this layout found HERE.
But will have to adjust it some to the plants I have
or will grow from seeds.
You also have to figure out what plants
can be grown with others.
This is called companion planting.
Might have to move my window and stuff to another 
location if I would plant tomatoes along the fence.

Still have to bag up all the weeds.  Maybe later on.



Still trying to plan out my garden beds.
Not having fun and are getting flustered with it.
You have to consider the type of plants you put
in the beds, how much sun they need and
what plants are compatible with others.
Sounds easy but it's not.

Making Chinese for supper tonight.
I sliced up some smoked sausages and threw
them in a pot of water with a little soy/teriyaki sauce.
Once it starts to boil then I'll throw in spaghetti.
I'll serve it with Chinese stir-fry veggies and teriyaki
sauce drizzled on top.



This evening I went and got a small load of 
free wood from hubby's work from where they
are redoing some upper patio decks.
Plenty more wood to get if I need it.
Didn't want to overdo it at the moment.
I won't be able to use this wood for the porch as
it is too thick and very heavy. 
It almost reminds me of railroad ties.
So that means they'll work great for
the garden and flower beds.
Most boards are already cut to 4'
which would be excellent for a square foot garden
which are usually 4' x 4'.
They are 2" thick and 6" wide and 4' length.
Check out the idea I had to store the wood.
I used a pool ladder.
Got from a yard sale last year for $3 to use
with our pool.  We're not putting the pool
up this year so I found another use for it.
No bare spots in the yard from where wood would
be laying. 

Well I just checked the weather and it
seems we're going to be getting some thunderstorms
around 9:00pm.
Good sleeping weather with the windows cracked open.


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