Tuesday, May 1, 2012



Hi ho hi ho back into the garden I go.

This morning I think I finally came up with
some kind of garden plans 
with the layout and planting guide.
Most veggies will be tomatoes, celery,
peppers and onions with
a few extras that I might plant in there like
herbs (oregano, basil, dill, cilantro) , beans, cucumbers, carrots
and maybe some lettuce, not sure yet,
might take those out.
The long garden bed will be nothing but tomatoes
as this is the side that gets the most direct sun.

After making the plans I went out to
the garden to lay out the wood for the boxes.
I'm short about three 4' pieces of wood
to complete the last box.
These are just laid out, nothing put together
as I still have more weeding and digging to do.
This is just to get a general idea.
I think I've decided to keep my pile of yard debris, lol.
It's mostly pine needles which will be a free 
mulch for the garden.  I need to pull any weeds
and sticks out of it first before using. 
After planting live plants I'll put down a layer
of newspaper over the dirt and around the plants
to prevent weeds and then a layer of pine needles.
At least it's a plan.
More than I had yesterday.
And it looks like I'll need to take down my
window, flower box and shutters
because I would like to put a trellis in its place. 

Not sure when I'll get back out their to do the rest.
Hopefully when the mud dries some.
My tennis shoes had a couple inches of mud
stuck to them that I now have to resort
to another pair til I clean them up.


Not sure what this was all about today
about 11-12:00.
It appears to be three police helicopters
escorting another helicopter.
It gets your attention with the sound
of 4 helicopters flying overhead to 
make you want to go outside and take a look see. 
There was another helicopter earlier before
these four that wasn't your average helicopter
with the noise it made.


Supper tonight-

Pork butt steaks. ($3.00)
Fry steaks in skillet with a little oil (.10 cents) to just
crisp the outsides.  Season with sale & pepper.

Bake 350 for 35 to 40 minutes.

In a small saucepan heat some 1/4 cup apple jelly (free),
steak sauce (free) and a couple tablespoons of 
butter (.05 cents).
Brush this on the pork chops the last
15 minutes of baking.

In another small saucepan add a can of
apple pie filling ($1.00).  Stir in a box of 
pork flavored stuffing (.69 cents) and a couple tablespoons butter, stir til combined
and heat til warmed through.

In another saucepan add a can of sweet corn (.29 cents),
a little butter (.05 cents) and salt (.01 cents).

 Total cost for apple glazed pork butt steaks
with apple stuffing and corn-


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