Monday, May 14, 2012


10:00 - 11:00pm

The garden is fully planted!  Woo Hoo!
 I did a little rearranging though
because 3 celery didn't look like they were gonna make it.
In their place I put bush beans.
I got these seeds planted this morning

(upper left four squares)
(the squares with 9 seeds each)
(all other white)

(back row)
-Bush Beans 
(the squares with 9 seeds each.  Was celery but removed)

 And these were planted with the tomatoes-
-Candy Cane Zinnias
-State Fair Mix Zinnias
-Envy Zinnias

My next plans for the garden are to build
an arbor possibly with a bench(es) for the Concord Grapevine.
Not sure where I would put the arbor or if
I can relocate my grapevine if I wanted it in another spot.
Trellises for cucumber.  I tore apart the
one I made because I needed the wood
for the tomato trellis. Will probably make
them out of chicken wire,
and get the soaker hoses hooked up and 
part of the ones crossing the walk ways buried.



Tony wanted to go to Lowes and I wanted to
tag along.  If you know me I wanna go to
check out the mark down plants :0)
 It is the day after Mother's Day and
people usually buy flowers for their moms right?
Well that means there should be some marked down
the day after.  I'm on the hunt for perennials
that are marked down.
Some may seem ugly and may have already bloomed
but what some don't know is that you can buy them
for very cheap, plant them in the garden
and they will come back really nice next year
and for years after that. 
Why pay full price for flowers?!
It kills me to know that stores
will throw away these plants all the time.

I found me 4 Dianthus Clavelinas
marked down to $1.00 each.
It's labeled as an annual but I have
read that they are perennials
meaning they will come back every year. 
I made the comment in the store
that their flowers looked like mini carnations.
Well come to find out they are part of the carnation family.

 Last year for Mother's Day my one son
got me a Mathilda Gutches Hydrangea .
I haven't planted it but it has started to come back this
year.  No flowers yet though.

I was happy to also find that Lowes
had Hydrangeas marked down.
They were $15 each marked down to $2.00 each!
I got 2 Red Hot Hydrangeas and
3 Strawberries and Cream Hydrangeas.
Would have cost $75
but paid $10 for all. 
A savings of $65 by shopping the mark downs.

I still would like to make a garden bed of some
type along the back fence in the back yard.
I thought maybe I can slowly start finding and
buying marked down perennials each year
and put them in a flower bed along the fence.
Hydrangeas can grow 3-6 feet high and 4 feet wide.

After watering all my new plants
I put a double shepherd's hook in the middle
of the 4 garden beds and hung plastic and ceramic
owls from it to scare off birds and critters.
I need to find out where I put the rubber
toy snakes to put in the garden as well.
I did find that the squirrels find it amusing
to dig up some of the tea bags I have planted
around the tomatoes.  Grrr.  Need to get everything
done in the garden so I can get the wire fence up.


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