Saturday, May 26, 2012



Got the garden watered early before it got hot.
Tomatoes are getting bigger thanks to the heat
and some have flowers on them.
Radishes and carrots are popping up all over
as well as beans, cucumbers and onions
I just planted.


Took the kids to the pool this morning
til about noon.  It warmed up quick.
It was about 91 degrees around noon.
There was a couple bird's nest under the gazebo.
Father bird kept a watchful eye out 
sitting on the hanging flower planters.

The boys jumping into the pool.

Stopped in the maintenance shop so
the boys could change out of their wet clothes
because we were going to Walmart.
I wanted to show you all the pop that
the maintenance guys found the other day.
The guy going around filling the pop
machines at the pools threw out lots of
20 ounce bottles of pop.
We salvaged some.
There was so many they plugged in a fridge
in their golf cart garage to store them all!

Stopped in Walmart.  I got a couple
bags of topsoil for my flower tower planter.
I think they were $1.29 a bag.
Got a couple other things as well.

Once home we unloaded the truck.
I wanted to show you the dish sets
we found yesterday.

Now I'm working on trying to figure out
why our air conditioner in the truck isn't working too well.
You'd be amazed at how much money you can save
by doing a lot of vehicle maintenance yourself.
I google any problems we have with 
I'm thinking that the reason the ac compressor
is cycling on and off and only blowing
cold air out the rear vents is because
we don't have enough freon in the system.

We've already put in two cans.
I'm thinking it needs more to work 100%.
We have gauges.  And I think I read
it needs to be at the 55 mark 
on a 90 degree day like today.
Ours is reading at like 25.
Definately need to get this up and
running for our trip.
Cans of freon is cheapest at
Big Lots, Walmart and maybe Dollar General?
Small cans are $10.
If you go to an actual parts store
they run $15 to $16 for a small can.



For about the last hour I have been working

on my flower tower planter.
Not as easy as it looks.

For starters I didn't have a small enough drill

bit to put holes in the 1/2 inch pvc pipe
that will go down the middle of the larger pipe
and use to water the flowers.
Instead I took a small screw and drilled
it straight through the pipe all the
way down making many holes.

Then of course out of two drills

and four batteries nothing is
charged to it's fullest putting me even further behind.

I measured the circumference of the larger

pipe divided it by four then drew lines
down the pvc pipe to mark
the four sides I want to make.
10 holes down each side. 
Then down each line I measured
and marked every 5 inches of where
I would drill the holes out.

This is as far as I got while drill batteries
are charging and I'm making supper
of tuna and noodles with alfredo sauce,
peas and carrots.

Earlier this evening I decided to give the
truck bath.  It was filthy.  Tony helped.
Then he went and got two more cans
of freon to put into the truck.
So far we had only put in two.
I am happy to say that I was
right about what was wrong with it.
The air conditioner works really good now!
About 7:30 we headed to Tony's work
to let the kids swim once again
before closing the pools.
The pools were packed.
The one pool the kids swam in 
had 60+ people at it!  I counted!
I thought we would have problems
getting them to leave at 9:00pm.
At about 8:30pm Tony left the pool
to go check on another pool.
Me and the kids stayed.
I got brave when he was gone
and announced to everyone at 8:45pm
that the pool was closing in 15 minutes.
I was not sure if they would even understand
me because 90% of them were hispanics
having a memorial day party.
I never had to say anything again to them.
They were the nicest crowd!
They even cleaned up after their party
and helped put the chairs back around the pool
where they belonged.
By 9:00pm everyone was gone from the pool area
and Tony came back amazed that I managed
to get that many people out of the pool!
On the drive home I started to get a migraine.
I've had them on and off for many years.
It starts out with no pain and I start getting blurred vision.
Actually about the best way I can describe it
is this, have you ever seen a heat wave?
The waves of heat coming off pavement or a hot car?
That is how my vision is.
After that would come the migraine headache.
Well after years of suffering from migraines that
could last for days with severe pain
and having to try to sleep it off in a dark room
because any kind of light would aggravate it more,
I finally found a way to make it go away
within about an hour.
Since the first sign of my migraines was blurred
vision, as soon as I would get it I would
immediately take 2 ibuprofen or tylenol.
Within an hour the blurred vision would clear up
and I'd have a mild headache that didn't go
full blown into a migraine. 
It has worked every time for me.
I wish I had discovered this many years
ago instead of suffering for many days like I did.
Well it has been a long day y'all.
I'm tired and are ready for bed soon.

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