Sunday, May 6, 2012



Whew, what a morning.
Been busy, busy, busy!

I got up a little after 7am.
By around 7:30am I started making
pizza dough in my bread machine.
Then made a funfetti cake
along with 29 banana chocolate chip cupcakes.
Still need to frost the cake and cupcakes.
Was waiting for them to cool completely.
Funfetti cake gets funfetti frosting
and the banana cupcakes get
milk chocolate frosting.
While those were baking I cut up a pound
of bacon and sliced up two ropes
of smoked sausage and fried them up for the pizzas.
And around 10:00am 
I just got the pizzas made.
They both have mozarella cheese on the 
bottoms.  Both are topped with
the sausage and bacon and one
has additional onions and mushrooms for mom and dad :0)
Then both were topped off
with shredded cheddar cheese. 
We'll be having the pizzas along
with funfetti cake and butter pecan ice cream
for lunch today.

I also managed to get 2 loads of laundry
done while doing all the baking.

The boys are outside playing with the wood scraps,
drill, screws and the sander.
Tony's been cutting wood for them with the saw.
They are making things for their  Tech Deck
finger skateboards and bicycles.

Do you just ever want to smack someone
upside their head for things they have done?!
Truck driver neighbor has sick children.
They've had snot noses running down their
faces, coughing like crazy and bloodshot eyes.
Do you think he would keep them inside
or home in their own yard away from everyone else???
Oh noooo!  He lets them run around outside
playing with my kids!  I didn't realize they had been sick
most of the week til yesterday when they came into
our yard to play and I asked them about it.  Now my soon to
be birthday boy started feeling bad last night.
This morning he is complaining of an 
earache.  Might need a trip to Urgent Care
or maybe try one of those Minute Clinics
at Walgreens before tomorrow.  This just pisses me off
that some people don't think straight and use
some common sense.  I am just starting to feel
better and if this cold or whatever it is floating
around spreads then I be back to square one
with my sickies.  Then the possibilities
of it spreading to other family members.
I don't need this crap right now!
 I had Jonathan start the Zicam this morning.
He has another dose at noon.
The Zicam seemed to work for Christopher
at the first sign of a runny nose.
It cleared up withing a couple days
and didn't get any worse with other symptoms
that would have otherwise kept him home from school.
My doctor told me that as colds and flu spreads
from one family member in the household
to the next it gets worse for the next person who gets it.
The last person getting it gets it the worst of all.
But that's according to my doctor
who I sometimes wonder about.


10:30 - 12:15pm

Got the other two garden bed weeded and
tilled up.  Figured I'd do it now before
the heat of the sun sets in.

Man, I wish the tomato bed's dirt
was just like these four beds.
The tomato bed is going to take me a
bit to do.

My onions I planted are coming up nice.
They are planted around the pine tree in between
hostas and day lilies.

 Now we're eating lunch.
Homemade pizza, mmm mmm mmm mmm good!

After we eat we're heading up to Galena to walk 
the boardwalk.
Then come home and have cake,
ice cream and presents.



Back from taking the boys out to Galena's boardwalk.

On the way home we stopped by a yard sale.
I purchase a 1957-59 Fisher Price Chatter Monkey for $2.
One just sold on Ebay in April for $55!
I thought it was cute.

Once home we celebrated Jonathan's birthday.



I ended up stringing  two square garden beds
into 1 foot sections.
I don't have the sides together but went
ahead and planted all the pepper plants
along with large leaf basil,
lemon basil and oregano seeds 
(those are planted in the four squares in the middle)
Two areas I don't have anything in.
I plan to put onions in those areas.
 Then I topped everything with
the pine needle and leaves mulch
and gave it all a drink of water.

Gotta go tend to my laundry.
Then make up lunch money envelopes
for the kids for the week.
Then bring up the laundry and put it 
and get outfits laid out for tomorrow.
Kids need their showers and I 
still need to frost cupcakes and get them
in containers so Jonathan can take to school
tomorrow morning.


And now I have fussy kids on top of it all.
Oh, the one kid that spent the night ain't
getting picked up til 8:30pm.
He's been here since 3:00pm yesterday.
I'm so ready for Monday and mommy time
to herself with a quiet house.
Calgon take me away!


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