Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Last day of school for one child.
Actually his last day is tomorrow but I'm keeping
him home to attend the graduation of the other
child tomorrow from elementary school.  Then tomorrow
is graduation at 10am and after that
everyone is home for Summer break.

My last day before having kids
home for three months.  
And of course I'm feeling like crap.
My stomach is in an uproar
making all kinds of eerie sounds
and is inflamed and throbbing to no end.
I've been up only an hour and half and have
already made four bathroom trips!



I started edging on the flower garden bed with a shovel.
You dig a little trench where your grass line stops
and your flower bed starts.  This will hold
the mulch in and keep the grass out.
After starting this it dawned on me I could
be using our edger instead so maybe this evening
I might give that a try to see how it looks.


Tomatoes are doing great and starting to bloom.

Here they are May 9th after just planting them.

And here they are 3 weeks later May 30th.
I've had to twist them twice now.



I'll be damned, a 12 year old kid fixed my computer
that has been out of commission 8 months.
He said it took all of an hour to fix it
by using a flash drive and it did NOT require opening
up the computer to do so.  This kid's dad works
for Best Buy and the dad's been teaching
him about how to work on computers.
This kid is not doing the greatest in school
and I told him he better get better grades
so he can go on to college or a trade school
and learn more about computers to get a good job.
I think that made his day because he
kept smiling ear to ear.


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