Wednesday, May 23, 2012



I no sooner got done watering the garden
and filling the birdbaths, got the water
turned off and birds swooped in to get
a bath and drink before I could even get to the door, lol.
It was like they were waiting for me to fill up the birdbaths.
 I saw that I now have
radishes, carrots and bush beans coming up.
I think I lost another celery as it wasn't
looking too good.   Something may have
been munching on it.
The tomatoes are loving the warm weather
and looks like they grew an inch or two.
Getting flowers on the hot banana plants.


 2:45 - 3:05pm

This is about as far as I got with starting
to dig up the grass along the fence
for a flower bed.  I got too hot, lol.
This will have to be a morning or evening job
that's going to take awhile.
I figured it'll be about 3 feet wide by 56 feet long.
I only dug out a 2 foot area so far.
Maybe now you can get a better view
of the slope I hate mowing, the reason to put in the flower bed.
This is the center fence panel where I started.
I plan to maybe move the one large 
arched trellis here for a couple of
climbing roses, Climbing Peace and Royal Gold.
Trying to figure out how to level off this

center ground area to be able to put a bench
under the trellis.


I went back outside to check out
an idea I had about how to put
a bench on a level surface on this slope by the fence.
I don't know what my problem was because 
after I got these photos and walked in the house
I felt like I was going to pass out.
Lightheaded and feeling like I was going to keel
over onto the floor.
That was a scary feeling!
It's only 79 degrees out and 77 degrees in the house.
I turned the air conditioner on to 75 degrees
about 30 minutes ago because tomorrow it's
supposed to be 84 degrees then 
Fri through Mon in the 90's.
I immediately got in front of the fan
for a few minutes til it passed.
I ate today and took my medicine earlier around noon
so it couldn't of been that.
Glad I came around because I couldn't 
imagine what Christopher would of done
if I was laid out on the floor. 
Anyways here was an idea I had to
take boards and lay them from the bottom
fence rail to part of the slope resting on another board
making a mini deck to put a bench on
under a trellis.
It's kinda hard to show you with the bright sun
but here it is.  Of course it would be longer
to have a bench there.  This is only an example
to see what it would look like.
Then picture the trellis going over it.

Well I think I'm going to go chill for 

a bit more in front of the fan before Tony gets home.


Baby pears from my pear tree.


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