Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Got the trellises unloaded from the truck.
Actually these were two arbors tore apart.
I'm not too sure if I like them up against the fence.
I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with them.
I could always use them as trellises for the garden
for beans, peas, cucumbers, sugar baby watermelons and such.
Time to get the creative juices flowing, lol.

Got a deer roast going in the crock this morning.
I found a frozen zip bag full of beef gravy
that I thawed out and put into the bottom of the crock.
Next I cut up an onion into large pieces.
I sprinkled a packet of beef seasoning
over top the roast.
Will serve with some carrots and potatoes.



Was checking out the Farmer's Almanac to see 
what weather we will have in store for this Summer.
HERE'S the forecast for May 19th to July 20th.
I see lots of thunderstorms and 
90 to 100 degree temps
at the end of June and July.



Still trying to plan our Michigan trip.
I'm not having fun
and don't have experience doing this.
I checked out Hotels.com and Mapquest.com
for ideas for hotels.
I don't want some run down motel/hotel
and are trying to find decent ones that's $50 to $60
a night with pool, hot tub (for me to relax) , double queen beds,
wi-fi and continental breakfast.
It seems like hotels that are within 50 miles
of the racetrack are the ones that are 
$100 - $200+ a night.  So it looks like we're
going to have to stay about an hour to hour and a half 
away from the track to get the best rates.
So I'm thinking maybe the Toledo area for
the best rates.  Book 2 nights.  
Stay there Saturday when driving up the day before the race
and stay Sunday night after the race when coming back
during Father's Day weekend.
It's about and hour and 20 minute
drive to the track from Toledo.
Then we might head over to Lake Erie
so the kids can see that since it's not far away.
Just getting flustered that's all because it
seems like the women always plan out
all the details to the vacation.
Well time to get back to making supper.
Got potatoes cut up
and carrots peeled and cut up and boiling.
To jazz them up a bit I added garlic salt
and teriyaki sauce to the water of both. 
Once drained I added butter, salt & pepper to both
and drizzled a little honey over top the carrots.
Then drizzled worcestershire sauce and gravy over the roast
and potatoes.


Oh yeah, everyone is stuffed!


7:00 - 9:15pm

Well we finally got our seats reserved for the
nascar race in Michigan.  Should get them
within the next couple of days.
And I think we all agreed upon staying
a couple of nights in a hotel in Toledo.
Still have to reserve the room.
We had a plan to save money on gas
by using our Speedway points to 
get a free tank of gas or at least about $50 worth.

I had to take a break from planning all this
before it drove me crazy.
I told everyone I wanted to go back over
to Big Lots to see if they had any
of the $1.75 half priced roses left.
I didn't they they would have any left considering
it had been a week since I saw the sale.
Amazingly they did.
I have 56 feet of fence to plant flowers
and wanted to grab more roses before
they sold out of them.
I bought 9 more.  I bought 5 earlier this week.
So a total of 14 roses for $24.50.
That to me is pretty cheap for that many roses.
Roses that will come back every year
and I don't have to worry about replanting flowers.
That's one less headache to me. 
Spend once, plant once
and enjoy many, many years.

Won't have to visit The Park of Roses as much
when I will have 13 different kinds in my back yard.
All of them are a different kind except
for one that I accidentally got a double of.
-Climbing Peace everblooming rose (yellow & pink)
-Cl. Royal Gold everblooming climbing rose (yellow)
-Gypsy everblooming hybrid tea rose (orangy-red)
-Reine des Violettes hybrid perpetual rose (pink)
-Don Juan everblooming climbing rose (red)
-Queen Elizabeth everblooming grandiflora rose (pink) have 2
-Marchess Barcella hybrid perpetual rose (pink)
-Chrysler Imperial everblooming hybrid tea rose (red)
-Double Delight everblooming hybrid tea rose (red)
-Mister Lincoln everblooming hybrid tea rose (red)
-Therese Bugnet everblooming rugosa rose (pink)
 -Europeana everblooming floribunda rose (red)
-Paul Neyron hybrid perpetual rose (pink)

I tried to get the roses in pinks and reds
with the exception of the yellow and the
yellow and pink roses.

One day we'll get brave enough to ask the
neighbor if we can go into his yard and cut
down all the weeds on his side of the
chain link fence.  There are also many baby trees
in there as well that are as tall as the house.
I would love to have
a flower bed there some day but can't
do it when I constantly have to cut
back the weeds poking through his side of the fence.

Tomorrow I'm going to mom's to
plant the lilac bush I got for her for
Mother's Day.


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