Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Yeah I'm a little late with getting things
posted for today.

This morning my step-dad took me
and mom out to breakfast at Tee Jays.
I came home and mulched two more beds
in the garden and got all the plants watered.
I set up the one metal arched trellis
for the cucumbers.  I put concrete bricks
on each side of it to help hold it in place.
I pushed the trellis into the ground as far
as it would go.  I might put some soil into
the holes of the concrete blocks
and throw some climbing flower
seeds in there to grow on the trellis also.
 This evening I cleaned up the yard and carport area
and loaded the truck up with some
yard debris.  We then went to Tony's work
to pick up 6 chairs for my mother-in-law.
Trying to earn some brownie points with her
by letting her know I remembered her telling
me to look out for some wooden chairs :0)
Tony didn't even remember her saying that.
Gonna take them up to her work Saturday 
afternoon.  Not quite sure how
she's gonna fit 6 chairs in her car.
Here's the only picture I have of
one of the chairs.  There are 6 matching.
This is another maintenance guy from
Tony's work who lives on the property.
He stored the chairs for us in his van.
Oh and talking of this van you see above,
I think this guy wants to trade it for our car.
Pretty cool work van with shelves
on the inside, a flashing yellow caution light on top,
ladder racks and it has electrical outlets inside to run
electric tools if need be.
I told Tony I would leave it up to him
if he wanted to trade his car for it.

We stopped by Big Lots on the way home
looking for a can of freon to recharge
the air conditioner in the Suburban.
It's cheaper if you can find it at Big Lots
for around $10 to $12 for a 12 ounce
can of freon with stop leak in it.
Advance Auto wants $18 for a can of this stuff. 

Jonathan found him a charger cord
for his IPod (did I say that right
because I know nothing about them).
He got one at a yard sale last weekend for $1.00.
The people said it didn't work but he
still wanted it anyway.
Well come to find out after getting the charger
hooked up to it, it does indeed work!

Here's my little happy camper with his new "toy".

I saw that Big Lots had their roses 50% off.
Grrr!  I just bought one Sunday for my
mother-in-law for Mother's Day and
they were full price.
Well I ended up getting 5 rose bushes for $1.75 each for myself.
Between the 5 Hydrangeas and 5 rose bushes
I think I now have enough perennial flowers
to make a flower bed across the bottom
of the back fence.  It is a sloped area
and is a pain in the butt to mow.
I've had it in my mind to put a flower bed there
so we wouldn't have to mow a portion of that hilly area again.
I spent $18.50  by shopping the mark downs.
At regular price it would have cost $92.50! 
A savings of $73.50!!!
Here are the roses I got-
-Mister Lincoln
-Queen Elizabeth
-Therese Bugnet
-Paul Neyron
I got them in pinks and reds to go with
the pink and red hydrangeas.
Now watch the hydrangeas change to
blue because they can change color
according to the type of soil you put them in.
Here is the bookshelf and computer chair
we got from the apartment set out yesterday.

And today Tony found this cute lamp in
an empty apartment.
I think it's made of marble because it sure is heavy
for being a small lamp!



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