Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Me and my honey went fishing this morning
til it started to spit rain.

From Hoover we went over to Sharon Woods
and walked the nature trail.
We had two bunnies playing on the trail
jumping in and out of the weeds in front
of and behind us.
Then we ran across this bird.
I thought it looked like a female turkey.
It had babies following it.
For lunch we went to Dominos
and picked up their $3.99 pizza.
We ate half of it then saved the rest
for the kids after school snack.

2:45 - 5:00pm

I drilled a hole in the bottom of a bird cage and set it
on top of the flower tower to cover
up the watering tube and to make it look nicer.
I got 7 rose bushes planted today.
We stopped in Menards earlier today
and I was able to pick up some cheap composted manure
for the roses.
I still have 8 more to plant but still have
part of the flower bed to dig up.
Then I will lay down newspapers for weed barrier
and then the black mulch. 



I have just entrusted a 12 year old neighbor
(just turned 12 a couple weeks ago)
to take home my laptop to fix it for free! 
I haven't been able to use
it for about 8 months now due
to a password that got changed
and no one knows what it was changed to.
Kids will amaze you these days with
what they are capable of doing
so I hope he is able to do something with it
so we can use it once again.
That would be nice.


Supper-  burgers & baked beans.

My version of a veggie burger-

lean ground beef,
mix in-
Diced bell peppers, onions & portabella mushrooms.
Sprinkle with barbecue seasoning.
Top with tomato slices, relish, ketchup,
slice of cheese.

Oh yeah, either that was really good
or I was really hungry.


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