Thursday, May 10, 2012


I forgot to show everyone my haircut.




9:30 - 11:30am

Well I am officially transfered back over to Wow.
We'll see how it goes this time around.
I can't afford the $50 per month increase
that Insight sprung upon me so that's the reason for the switch.


Hubby remembered to bring his drill home.
I got the tops of the tomato string trellis
all screwed together by myslef.
Don't ask me how, lol.
Went over to Menards and picked up
a box of nails.  Tony thinks I should nail
the garden bed sides together rather
than trying to screw them together considering
how thick the boards are.  The wood feels
like a railroad tie only smaller.

While in Menards I asked a lady where
the strawberry bulbs were.
Their website said they were in stock.
I think she thought I had lost my mind
not knowing what in the world I was talking about.
She's trying to show me strawberry plants in pots
and then asked another person over her radio
if they knew what they were.
I tried to explain to her that they were like strawberry roots
that will eventually grow into plants once planted.
 She then asked me if I was sure it was this
store they were at.  I said, uh yeah, because the only
other closest stores was Marion or Lancaster
and I wasn't planning any trips there in the near future.
LOL.  She even tried to look them up on the store's
computer without luck.  I just said I would
print them out from the website and bring that
photo and description or the sku number into
the store with me next time.
Before I left she was still curious as to what
I was talking about with strawberry bulbs
that she opened a strawberry jar kit
(planter that included soil and bulbs).
In this kit was strawberry bulbs that looked like 
the strawberry roots I was trying to describe to her.
I said, see they do exist and I'm not losing my mind!
Lol.  Only I could want something from a 
store that no one has ever heard of or
knows nothing about it.

One day if or when I ever find strawberry
bulbs or plugs I would like to build a
wooden strawberry tower to 
put in the center isle of my four garden beds.
I could put it in a large flower pot with
a stake running through it rather than 
setting it on the ground.  Then run my
soaker hose through the middle of it.

Well it's almost 10:00pm.
Heading to bed soon.
Me and mom are going to some yard sales tomorrow morning.

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