Friday, May 4, 2012



Back home from yard sales, going out to lunch with mom
and stopping in Deals.
So tired!  I tried to take it slow
and easy today.

Now it's almost time to pick one child up
from the bus stop.
I'll share one item at the moment
that I found at a yard sale.
Little wooden doll chair $1.00.

And here is what I plant on doing with it...
I saw this picture of a little miniature
metal chair that someone had put a screw in the
bottom of it to hold corn for the squirrels
and attached it to a tree.
I thought I could do that to this chair
by covering the woven seat with a 
piece of wood, then add a screw
and a corn cob and put on the back fence or tree.
We have plenty of squirrels in the yard everyday. 
I love things that are unique and unusual.
 I thought this photo was sooo cute!

I'll post the rest of the things when I get
home from the bus stop.



Ok, here's the rest of the stuff I found today.
5 skillets .50 cents each
-2 T-Fal (top & right)
-2 Chef (bottom)
These two Chef's are heavy skillets!
Almost feels like lifting an iron skillet.
and 1 ? (middle left)

 2 tall iron candle stands with globes.
.50 cents for both!

6 large solar lights with posts
that look like they've never been taken out of their packaging.
Was $5 but gave $4 for all 6.
(.66 cents each!)

 Regular size waffle iron $2.00
Titanic vhs .25 cents each.
Putting the vhs back for Christopher for Christmas.

Mohawk halloween cap $1.00
Jeff Gordon license plate $1.50

Battery charger Free

More freebies

Electric blanket.
Was $2.00 paid $1.00

Bird cage wall decoration with copper roof.
Might put this out on the fence in backyard.

Camo steering wheel cover .50 cents
bottle of perfume .10 cents

Body pillow with pillow case $1.50

Purse .25 cents
2 bags of caster wheels 8 total .25 cents each bag.
On the bottom step are things I got from Deals.
I thought I was getting a very good deal
on diabetic socks at the flea market
3 pairs for $5.00, $1.67 a pair.  Well I found diabetic socks
at deals $5 for a 6 pack, .83 cents a pair!
Plus the other day I looked for the pain relief
patches at Dollar Tree for my shoulders
and they didn't have any.  I found the same
ones at Deals for $1.00 a 20 count box.
It seems that Deals sells a lot of the 
same things that Dollar Tree sells.

I also got a package of garden netting
from a yard sale for a buck
and a book for $2 (talked down from $3) called

Columbus and the Ohio State University Then and Now


 I've been collecting books about Ohio as
I find them.  So far I have the book above,
Haunted Ohio and Weird Ohio.
The next book I would love to get hold
of is Forgotten Ohio.
The same author as Weird Ohio.

There is another book called 
Clintonville & Beechwold.
You can pretty much read about the history
with photos online though HERE. 
I think I've read it all.  It's very interesting
to learn about those homes and 
businesses, who used to live there and how it made Clintonville
what it is today.

Well it's 3:30pm.
Another kid is due home from school soon.
Hopefully they don't act up because
I need to go lay down and rest my body.
I probably overdid it today and
now I'm paying the price.
Soooo tired!

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