Sunday, May 27, 2012



Got leftover deer roast in a skillet with
a little Italian dressing, butter,
mushrooms and onions.
I poured a smidgen of gravy overtop
with a couple dashes of worcestershire sauce
and are letting it reduce down a little
before sending in the hashbrowns
to fry it all up.
Will serve and top it all off
with some sharp cheddar cheese.
I love Bob Evans roast beef hash
and try so hard to recreate it by adding my touches to it.

It's gonna be another hot one today
in the 90's.  Won't see any relief from 
the weather til about Tuesday, yuck!
Everyone be safe this holiday weekend
and try to stay cool! 

Tony went to open all three pools at his work this
morning.  He wasn't supposed to open them
but no one would be at the property to open
pools til noon.  So being the nice guy he is,
he went over and opened them so people
could go swimming.
We have a problem with the pool that
we were at yesterday.  When we were there last night
I kept hearing people say the drain cage was open.
I tried to have Christopher look down at it
with his goggles on and he couldn't see it.
Then another gal put them on to look at it.
It was hard to see with so many people
in the water stirring it up.
If someone verified the drain cover being
open I would have jumped in with my clothes
on to try and fix it because it is a major
safety issue!  People have been known to
die because of getting stuck in pool drains.
They now require an updated drain cover
which all our pools have.
This issue was brought about minutes
before closing the pool last night so it 
was a good thing I got everyone out.
This morning Tony was able to see the drain
without the water being stirred up
and it is indeed open and the screws
holding it on have been broke off.
We have to keep this pool locked
and closed today and maybe longer
til we get someone out to fix it.
What worries me is that people
will climb over the fence to get in locked pools.
I'm not sure if the apartment complex is
liable for any injuries for people that 
do jump the fence when the pool is locked up.



Well I got our hotel booked for Father's Day weekend.
A two day stay in Swanton (Toledo), Ohio.
I got it for $55 a night.
It has a complimentary breakfast, 
an indoor pool and hot tub/jacuzzi and free wi-fi.
Much better than $100 to over $200 a night
within about 50 miles of the  Michigan race track.
I've never booked a hotel online before
and it was pretty easy.  
Usually I'm one that just stops in a hotel
and gets a room for the night if needed.
This time I wanted one with the price
we could afford and a guaranteed available room
considering how far away we are going.



Starting on my laundry.
It'll be a great day with the heat to line dry it.
I am out of fabric softener and only have dryer 
sheets.  Well I'm not dryer clothes in the
dryer so what do I do?
I started taking a dryer sheet and throwing
it in the washing machine.
So far so good with not getting any static.



Been working outside for last hour or two
getting my flower tower planter done and planted.
You'd be surprised as to how much faster
it is to make when your drill batteries are charged, lol.

Here you can see the 1/2" pvc pipe with holes
down the middle of the larger pvc pipe.
This will be the watering tube.

For now I placed the petunia flower tower under the trellis
that I plan to grow roses on.
Over time the petunias will grow larger
and fill in all the gaps and flow over the
sides of the planter.
I originally wanted to plant strawberries
in this but couldn't find any plugs.

Well I think I need to go take a shower.
I am filthy dirty from this project
and have sweat from head to toe.



Got a shower.  Boy that felt good.
Now I'm back in the garden, lol,
starting to dig holes for the roses.
I haven't got the area for the flower bed
completely dug up but for the most part
it is.  I got 2.5 holes dug.
They each need to be about 18 inches
wide by 18 inches deep.  Not fun when
there is a bunch of larger rocks in the soil.



Back from Tony's work and a Kroger trip.
Why is it so many people have to be stubborn headed.
While doing an emergency call I noticed a couple
guys jumped the locked pool fence.  After Tony was
done with his call we drove by the pool to
tell those people to get out, the pool is closed
for a reason!  He threatened to call the police because 
neither one gave a hoot or attempted to even move
to leave.  You know if you jump a 
locked fence you are breaking and entering
or jumping and entering, lol.
Well those dudes refused to leave so we had to go
to the office and notify them.  One gal running the
office jumped in her car and went to the pool with us.
One guy left by the time we got back there.
I don't even think he lived there.
The office lady yelled at the other guy
telling him to leave immediately.
Tony unlocked the gate and the
guy finally left in a huff after a few minutes
 of confrontation.
I mean really?  In broad daylight he jumped
a locked fence, duh, ya think that might be illegal.   
There's two other pools to go to.
Yeah there are times you have to call the police
and thankfully we didn't have to this time.
I can't wait til after tonight.
I hate closing the pools with a passion!!
The pools are packed again today.

While in Kroger picking up a few things
Tony found a 2 pound package of ham
marked down to $3.00.  Was $6.59.
I've got this in the freezer for our trip.
I plan to make ham and cheese tortilla
roll ups to take to the track to eat.
Then the remaining ham can be used
for sandwiches back at the hotel.


6:00 - 7:00pm

I got 4 holes dug for roses
and almost all the grass removed from
in front of half the fence.

I still need some composted manure

for when I start planting the roses.
You put this down in the hole
with the dirt you've dug up.
Then once all that's done I plan
to cover everything with newspaper
to act as a weed barrier then place
the mulch on top.
I still have a long ways to go.

Looks like something from the movie Holes.
Not that I've ever watched the whole movie
only parts of it.  

Oh and here's the "A" frame trellis
I made for the cucumbers and vine flowers
from two of the trash picked trellises.
Tony liked my idea.
I have concrete blocks on both sides
to hold it in place.  Inside the blocks
I add soil and flowers that will
climb the trellis.

 I've noticed I have something muching
on some of my pepper plants and hostas.
I never see what's doing it.
I did a search and think it might be slugs.
I see them every morning on the sidewalks
when out at the bus stop so that's why
I suspect they are slugs in my gardens.
Slugs come out at night that's why we don't see them.

Here's some ideas of getting rid of slugs.

-take a shallow lid and fill it up with fresh beer
and place around your plants.  Slugs like
beer and when they drink it, it kills them.

-Place used coffee grounds around plants.

-human hair around plants

-vinegar in a spray bottle 

place pennies in a circle around
the bottoms of plants.  The copper somehow
shocks them if the slug gets on them.
I'm thinking about trying this method and 
maybe the beer one.



Just got home not long ago.
We let the kids go swimming about
an hour and a half.
It's a great way for them to wind down
and be tired right before bed.
Got all the pools closed with no problems.
Another maintenance guy who lives
on the property helped us.
He just got back from being out of town
this weekend or else he would have helped
the other nights.
Thank goodness that is over and done with.

I'm exhausted and feel like this weekend
has been a long one.  Tony has to work tomorrow
but the boys have the day off.
Tony will get a day off this week to 
compensate for working tomorrow.
We were thinking about having a mommy
& daddy day to ourselves before the
kids get out of school for the Summer.
We don't get that too often.

Nighty Night.


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