Monday, May 28, 2012



Got some more laundry started.
Figured I'd start my day early since
it was going to be hot again.

7:15 - 7:45am

I got 3 more holes dug for roses
for a total of 7 since yesterday, only 8 more to go.
And I dug up a little more grass.
Only 16 more feet of grass to dig up.

7:45 - 8:00am 

I rounded up a bunch of pennies from
our water jug piggy bank.
I put circles of pennies around beans
and pepper plants to keep the slugs from eating them.

Then I did a large rectangle around
all the radishes and carrots.

I also threw a few pennies in the bird baths.
It's supposed to keep them from turning green
and getting all yucky.

Tomatoes are coming along nicely
and getting bigger by the day loving the hot
and humid, sunny weather.
They have started getting their yellow flowers.
Almost time to get out the electric toothbrush
and start buzz pollinating them by lightly
putting the toothbrush to the backs of the flowers
to simulate the vibration of bees wings.


I started cutting some rose clippings
and have them setting in water
hoping to get them to root to make new rose bushes.
I cut the ends at an angle,
sliced a small piece off the side of
the stem and then dipped it into honey
before placing in the water.
This is supposed to keep them 
from getting root rot or other problems.
Like my containers for the stems, lol.
I didn't know what to keep them in
and this cupcake, ice cream cone,
baking cups did the trick.


After all this I worked up an appetite
and made me and the kids some
tortilla breakfast wraps.

For each one-
Fry two eggs in skillet,
Remove from skillet and place
tortilla in skillet,
place egg on half of tortilla,
then a slice of cheese, a little bacon & ranch dressing
and lastly some tomato slices.
Fold tortilla in half and fry on both sides. 
Jonathan got the idea for this breakfast
when he was looking through my .50 cent yard sale
book called 2011 Eat This Not That.

Well I'm taking a little breather for the moment
then will go downstairs and continue getting
my laundry done and get it hung outside.
Should dry in no time today!


10:15 - 10:50am

 Went through a few more boxes of
Summer clothes in the basement and
weeded out ones that looked to small.
I've got about 2 boxes of clothes
to donate soon.

Got the third load of laundry in
with mostly the Summer clothes
I just dug out of storage.
Hung up a load of laundry on the line.
I had to undo my line and tighten it
some because it was sagging too low
causing some clothes to almost touch the ground.



I checked the mailbox today.
I guess I hadn't checked it Saturday because
there was no mail yesterday or today.
We got our nascar tickets, woo hoo.
Now let's see if I can lose them between
now and Father's Day, lol.



A load of laundry taken off the line,
a load of laundry put on the line
and a load of laundry in the washer.
I can't believe I have been going non stop
since 6:30 this morning.

It's warming up outside.
It's 90 but feels like 93 with the heat index.

Got a box of clothes to donate loaded in the truck.
Still have one more box to fill.
Plus I'm giving mom the dish set I found
to take to her church (or my step-dad can).
Many senior citizens attend that church
and have a limited funds being on social security
so I though maybe someone would
like a "new" set of dishes that cannot afford them.

I just got supper put into the crock.
I'm making what I call Rib Busters.
I put a bottle of bbq sauce and some ribs
in the crock on high and will let it cook til
it is able to be shredded.
I'll spoon this over homemade mashed potatoes with skins.


1:30 - 3:00pm

Me and one of the boys laid down and took a nap.
The heat will wear you out.

3:30 - 4:00pm

Got laundry down off the clothesline and brought
into house.  Brought up another load
out of basement and got them all hung up.
The last load for today.


Got some potatoes cut up and boiling.
The pork ribs are done.
Removed them from the crock
and they shredded so easily.
Spooned the bbq sauce on top
and stirred.


Tony just got home.
He is taking tomorrow off work.
We've decided after the kids go to
school that we are going fishing.
I need a break.  I've had a neighbor
kid in and out of our house today
to the point I'm ready to pull my hair out.
Why is it when kids come over they
all want to run around and act like
they have no common sense???

I got a bunch more pennies rounded up
for the garden to finish putting
them around my peppers.
Now I worry that neighbor kids
that come over will steal my pennies from my garden. 
I hope not.
If anyone asks I'll tell them it's
a wishing garden.
I wish for my plants to grow really well, lol.

The last load of laundry for the day taken down off the line.


7:00 - 9:00pm

Took the kids to McD's for ice cream.
Stopped in Turkey Hill next door to get gas
since it was $3.45 and I got another
.20 cents taken off with my Kroger card making
it $3.25 a gallon.

Stopped by Tony's work because he
said someone moved out today and
got rid of a bunch of stuff.
We found a bunch of school supplies for
the boys from a calculator, ruler,
notebook paper, binder, clipboard, folders, pencils and dividers.
 A bunch of odds and ends.

 And lastly a jewelry box filled with
watch bands, two that are metal,
and two watch faces.

 Well all I am wore out and really tired
and ready for bed.  Boys go back to school tomorrow
and then Tony wants to go fishing.
Time for a little R&R.

Nighty Night.


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