Saturday, May 19, 2012



Just returned home from our fishing and beach adventure.
 The peace and tranquility from fishing was nice
but the fish weren't biting today.
the kids and my honey thought we should
leave and take a walk along Alum Creek Beach.

We're walking along the beach enjoying the sunny day.
This poor butterfly seems to have
injured his wing but was up and flying around
on the beach.  This should of been a sign
of what was to come.  I think he was trying
to tell us to go back, danger ahead!

It's getting warm out but the water looks too cold to swim in.
The boys took off their shoes and waded in the water.

No, we didn't bring our swimming attire along 
and it didn't seem like many others brought theirs either!

This is what me and the boys witnessed on the beach today!

  My eyes were burning and it wasn't from
the sun, it was from a full moon!
Oh yeah, they got up and went for a dip
and his honey displayed a FULL frontal
view of EVERYTHING to the whole beach.
The boys mouths were hanging wide open! 
Not the site I wanted to see.
These weren't young beach goers 
but senior citizens!

And yet another man sun tanning
almost nude except for covering
up his private area.

What happened to the Alum Creek Beach
I remembered???
Not too sure if this is where I'd want
to take my kids to after seeing what
we all saw today! 

 Did I take the wrong exit or what?
I sure has heck didn't get the memo
about naked people running around
Alum Creek Beach!

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