Monday, May 7, 2012




This morning I decided to give my little
chair a pop of color.
I painted some brilliant blue around the 
legs and rungs.
All I need now is a long screw
and a corn cob to make it a squirrel feeder.



I bought three bags of celery from Meijer
a couple weeks ago for around .55 cents a bag.
I thought there was one stalk of celery
in each bag.  It turns out there was two in each bag.
So that means 6 celery plants to put in the garden.
I got them prepped this morning.
I lined a jumbo muffin tin with coffee filters
and put the cut bottoms of the celery stalks
in each one and gave them a little water.
These will be planted with -
(these beds have not been planted yet)

Garden Bed #1- mammoth dill, cilantro coriander, 
yellow & white onions, celery.

Garden Bed #2- pickling cucumbers, provider bush beans, 
carrots- little finger, white & yellow onions,
sparkler white top radish, early scarlet globe radish, celery.

I plan to find cheap muffin tins at yard sales
and line them with the coffee filters,
fill with soil and plant seeds in them.
The coffee filters can go right into your
garden when planting. 

I found a 700 count bag of coffee filters
at a yard sale Saturday for $1.00.
I also got a bag of 12-15 gardening stakes at
a yard sale for .25 cents.

 Garden Bed #3 has these veggies-
green bell pepper, hot banana pepper, yellow & white onions,
oregano, basil- lemon.

Garden Bed #4
chili peppers, ceyenne peppers, basil- large leaf,
oregano, green bell pepper, red bell pepper,
yellow bell pepper.

All the peppers got a tablespoon of
epsom salt in the bottom of the hole
before planting.

When planting my tomatoes I'll also
give them a tablespoon of epsom salt.
Then I will sprinkle my canned mixture
of coffee grounds, egg shells and banana peels.
Might give this a whirl in the food processor first.
Along with some tea bags thrown about
on top of the soil.



I'm so loving my Oster kitchen center.
It would have taken me awhile to cut
up 6 bunches of celery by hand.
With the food processor attachment
it only took minutes.  I ended up with 
three stuffed quart size bags of chopped celery.



I guess Jonathan has decided he wants
to go to Hometown Buffet for his birthday.

He still is complaining that his 
ear is clogged and he can't hear very
well out of it.
He also complains his throat hurts when he swallows. 

We'll see after we get done eating if
we should take him to a Walgreen's 
Take Care Health Clinic.
They see people for earaches and sore throat.
You can check for a location that has one,
see what services cost and see what insurances
they accept HERE.
I've never tried them before.
Urgent care is always packed and there
seems to be a long wait just to get in.
Plus you could get your prescriptions
right there in Walgreens instead of driving
to another pharmacy.


5:00 - 8:30pm

Finally back home.
After supper at Hometown we went over to 161 
Walgreens Take Care Clinic.
They were closed so we went over
to Kenny and Henderson Walgreens
which stays open til 8:30pm.
Being our first time experiencing their clinic
I will have to say I will probably do this more often
than going to urgent care.  It was really quick,
got right in.  From checking in to being done
in the office took about 15-20 minutes.
Then went over to the pharmacy and the lady
had our prescription done in less than 5 minutes.
In less than a half hour Jonathan was seen by
a doctor and we had our prescription filled.
I'd say that was pretty darn fast compared
to an hour or two wait in urgent care,
driving to the pharmacy then waiting
another 30-40 minutes waiting for a prescription.
So yeah I would highly recommend them!
He has a middle ear infection in the left
ear and has to take amoxicillin for the 
next 10 days. 



Heading to bed soon.
Need to get a glass of my pectin grape juice first.
I forgot it this morning.
Going to try to keep drinking it daily
as it seems to help the muscle and joint pain.
LOTS cheaper than buy joint juice and
other otc drinks and meds that could
take a month before it works.

Me and mom have a hair cut
appointment tomorrow at 9:00am.
Going to get my hair cut back up to
shoulder length and thinned out and layered all around.
 It's getting too hard 
for me to even brush my own hair
with my shoulder pain at times.
I think it's been a year since I've had it cut
and it's down past my shoulders, a little
past arm pits, lol.  It grows pretty fast.
Before hair cut.

Why does my camera date keep changing???!!!

I just reset it yesterday because it kept saying the 5th

and I set it to the 6th.  It said the 7th earlier today 
when I took pics.  Now it jumped
ahead to the 8th.  I reset it once again after
seeing the date on this pic.

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