Thursday, May 24, 2012


8:30 - 9:00pm

Toooo early in the morning to be sweating from
top to bottom and front to back!!
Save yourself some money and don't get
a gym membership, plant a garden instead!!
That will for sure give you a workout.

I figured I'd work a little this morning 
digging up the grass in the flower bed along
the fence while it was still cool.
I know for the next 4 days it's gonna be hot.
Not sure if I'll be able to get back to
digging the bed til next week when the
temps cool down a little. 

For starters I ran a line of yellow yarn from
one end of the yard to the other to show
where I should be digging and to make
it all even.
So far I've gotten 16 feet dug up.
I have 40 more feet to do, ahhhh! 

2 days ago I put some larger flower seeds
into a zip baggie with a wet paper towel
hoping they will sprout faster and get
then ready for the flower bed.
Today I took them outside to get some sun.

I have 
Italian White Sunflowers for the back of the fence.
Then will have Peaches 'N' Dream Hollyhocks next
then Lupine, Cosmos, Zinnias and Malva Zebrine.
Hoping to use these in between the rose bushes as a filler
along with some other flower seeds I have
that are shorter.
Mostly reds, pinks, whites, purples and a few blues.
I don't expect a miracle garden overnight
or even this year but it will be a start.
It's a lot of freaking work for just one person!
But ya know in the end I can look back
at it all and say, I made that.



 I have spent about the last week
studying the different kinds of roses I got.
I was thinking about taking back some of the roses
I bought now that I have had a chance to
get more information about the ones I purchased.
I was hoping to have every other rose
pink and red but it seems like most of the
red ones I got won't like Ohio Winters,
are prone to diseases and a lot of
work to take care of.  Mostly Hybrid Tea Roses.
So back goes all the red and climbing roses I bought.

I will be keeping these pink roses-
-Queen Elizabeth
-Paul Neyron
-Reine des Violettes
-Marchesa Bocella
-Therese Bugnet

These are
floribunda, perpetual, rugosa and grandiflora roses.


This was pretty cool site that I found last night.
It's called Race Track 3-D seats.
You can check out many nascar track and find
the seats you will be in and get a 3-D
view of where you will be sitting.
This is the view we will have MIS.
It's at the entering of the pit area.


6:00 - 10:45pm

Left around 6 and went out to eat at McD's.
From there we went to Kroger to get
a few things for this weekend.
Tony has to close three pools at his work
today til Monday in the evenings.  We decided at the last minute
that the boys could go swimming.
But they didn't have swim trunks or towels
with them.  Sooo after Kroger I went to the other
shopping center across the street which
had a VA thrift store.  I managed to find
two swim trunks and two large bath towels
for $3.20.  I'm glad I watched how much change
the lady gave back to me!  
While checking out at Kroger I got a $20 back
to use at yard sales tomorrow.  I decided
I would break that $20 at the thrift store
to get some smaller change for the sales.
My total was $3.20, I gave her $20 
and she gave me back $1 and some change!
She had rung me up as giving her $5.
We got that situation fixed real quick with a manager
as I got my other $15 back.

The kids swam in the pool for about 1 hour 45 minutes.
There was a couple other kids there also.
I saw that all around the pool there
was rose bushes.  About 4 different varieties.
A couple rose bushes were so pretty 
because the roses grew in clusters in a variety
of colors from light pink, medium pink and a coral color
all on one stem.
I plucked a bunch and brought them home.
Did you know that you can propagate roses
from their stems?  Google it or check
out some videos on You Tube to see how to do it.

Tony was telling me that the pop man
came today around to all the pop machines
to refill them.  And when he did he threw
all the pop in the machines out!!
Well earlier today the maintenance guys
salvaged about 100 bottles of them.
This evening we found about 20 more!
It sucks it wasn't diet though but free is good.
Especially when we needed something like
this for our road trip.
We also found another bookshelf,
a purple purse and a little shelf 
that will fit on the back of the toilet tank.

Right about the time we were closing up
the pools Tony got a page about a bat(s)
being in this lady's apartment.
She has been complaining about them since
earlier today and said she saw them again this
evening.  She actually left her apartment
and went to stay the night with a friend
because she was afraid of them.
Me, Tony and the boys searched that 
apartment high and low, tapping and banging on
walls, furniture, pulling the fridge out,
you name it we did it looking for a bat(s).
I was so paranoid thinking that the next
thing I would move, look under or bang on,
out would fly a bat.  But we did not find
anything and there was 4 of us in this
apartment looking.  Starting to wonder
if she was seeing things.

Well it's a little after 11:00pm and
I'm hoping to get to bed soon.
I am so behind with some things.
I haven't even got a yard sale list started yet
for tomorrow.  I know what I'm gonna
have to do early tomorrow morning huh.

Nighty night all.


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