Tuesday, May 8, 2012



Probably will keep Jonathan home from school today.
He's complaining that his throat is hurting
when he coughs and swallows plus ear pain.
Been giving him ibuprofen for pain
and he's taken his second dose of amoxicillin this morning. 
Still going to get my haircut this morning
I'll just have to take him along.
His sickies are not contagious that I know of
and he's up moving around without a fever.
No nose drainage.  Just drainage down the
back of his throat which is causing the throat irritation.
I'm sure it will be a couple days for the medicine
to get in there and work for his earache and throat.
Then will come home and tidy the house some
and work on the rest of the laundry.
Got Wow coming tomorrow morning to noonish
to install cable/phone/internet.
My appointment is right after mom gets hers installed.



After getting our hair cut I stopped in Menards.
I got a couple large boxes of cereal on sale for $1.88 
and 4 bags of compost manure for $1.38 each.  
Using this in the garden to help
with the clay like soil in the tomato bed.
Plus I'll use some in the other 4 beds as well.

Wonder where you can buy a bunch of strawberry plugs.
I looked at Menards out in the garden center
but wasn't able to find them.
It says on their website they have them at the store.
I probably wasn't looking in the right place.
They have 10 All Star Strawberry bulbs for $4.99.
10 is a good number to start with.
Then as they produce runners you will
have even more strawberry plants from them.
How to propogate strawberries from runners. 
I used to have strawberry plants but they all died out.
Now I would like to have them again
and build a strawberry tower out of maybe
pvc pipe or wood and put them in the center walk way
of the 4 square garden beds.
I could run a section of the soaker hose
through the middle of the pipe.



Well I have gone most of the day thinking it was Wednesday
already.  And I thought tomorrow the cable
people were coming, lol.  Thank goodness it's only Tuesday 
and the cable people are coming Thursday.
Today I spent cleaning on Christophers room
top to bottom.  It looked like a bottle of
baby powder exploded in there.
Reminder to self, hide the baby powder from kids!
I had to wipe off everything from baseboards, walls to
tv and dvd players to all furniture. 
Now I'll probably get a sore throat from all the powder.

Tonight for supper I'm making Chef's salad.



I just noticed that one of the celery bottoms
I put into water yesterday has already got a 
leafy shoot coming out of the middle of it.
Boy that was quick!



I finished making the squirrel feeder.
I didn't use actual corn cobs because
I thought $7 - $8 for a bag of them was too much.
I opted for sweet corn squirrel logs 
which are equivalent to 12-24 ears of corn.
They were $3.99 for two.

I put the squirrel chair feeder on the pine tree.

They favor this tree at times because
that's where the bird bath is and they come down
to get a drink out of it.


Got the black gold put into the tomato bed.
It took all 4 bags.
I got the dirt below it all chopped up
and raked out then topped with the composted manure.
Thank goodness for the rain recently
or else that dirt would have been hard
as heck to break apart.
Tomorrow if I find time I'll run string lines
to section off each square foot
then get the tomatoes planted.



Just got word from the maintenance guy on call
that 4 apartments caught fire just now at Tony's work tonight.
Or something to that affect.  Maybe some got
smoke damage.  Will watch the news to see if
anything is reported on there.  As far as I know
no news crews  on the scene just yet or Red Cross.
Oh gosh, where the fire started the couple just got
married and are away on a honeymoon cruise
and will have a big surprise when they come home.
All residents there are required to have renter's
insurance so that is good.

Damn I'm good, I beat Channel 10
to get this news to you first.
They are like flies on poo when it comes
to this kind of stuff.

They were on the scene in a flash when 
there was a break in one time out there
and we lived on the property at the time
across the street from where the incident happened.
The police ended up shooting the intruder
in the hand.  I was a few steps from my front door
when a channel 10 news crew whips out this camera
and wants to interview me about it.
Wanna talk about being put on the spot!
It was a cold Winter and I had on a knitted
hat and looked like something from Blair Witch
with the nose drips, LOL!
And another time hubby and other mainenance
guys made the channel 10 news
when lightning struck a building and 
it caught on fire.  

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