Sunday, May 13, 2012



9:30 - 10:30 am

I made 16 seeds strips for carrots.
Some seeds are so tiny and a little
difficult to see to plant in the garden.

I used 3 squares of 2 ply toilet paper for each strip
then cut that into four strips.

Mix up some white elmer's non toxic glue
with equal parts water.

Separate the two pieces of toilet paper. 

Check the back of your seed packet
to see how far apart you should space your seeds
then put drops of glue that far apart on the tissue. 

Put seeds onto each glue drop then
cover with other piece of the 2 ply toilet paper.

The next go round of 14 seed strips I did for
radishes.  With these seeds I put droplets of
glue onto toilet paper strips but didn't separate the paper.
I didn't cover the seeds either.
That idea of covering the seeds would be good if
you were going to store them for later on.
I was putting them directly in the
garden so didn't bother with that part.
I got the idea on the internet and just
changed it to make it easier for me.

Lookie what my hubby got me for Mother's Day :0)

Later on if it's not raining I might plant
some Candy Cane, Envy and State Fair mix
Zinnias in part of the garden that has the tomatoes. 
This way I can add some colorful flowers to
the garden and harvest them in the fall for
their flower seeds for next year.
Right now I only have Cactus, Cut and Come Again,
and Thumbellina Zinnias planted in the rock garden.
Not sure if the Enchanted Rose Zinnias will
come back again this year in the front flower
bed.  Will have to wait and see.
I want a variety of seeds for next year to have.



Squirrel eating from chair feeder.
He could at least have a seat and get more comfy, lol.
Still it's funny.
When I made the pinecone feeders yesterday
I also rubbed some peanut butter on 
the squirrel corn.



Jonathan has a metal futon bed.
I don't think it has a comfortable mattress on it
so I made my own pillow top for it.
I sewed up 5 pillow cases then
added 5 pillows to them.
These were all older pillows that me
or mom have since replaced with new ones. 
Think I might sleep in his bed tonight
just to make sure it is comfortable enough for him, LOL!

The T-shirt quilt I made by 
buying a bunch of cheap OSU t-shirts from 
the thrift store.
I cut all the squares out of t-shirts 
and sewed them altogether.
The backing is a gray and red plaid flat sheet.

Didn't make it back out to the garden this evening.
Maybe tomorrow if the weather is nice.


Just saw this on Facebook from Channel 10.
At Least One Killed In Northeast Side Apartment Complex Fire
I heard many firetrucks going by our home
which is several miles from the location.
Now I know what happened and where they were going.
Sorry to hear that there was a death.
Last week there was 4 apartments that caught
fire at my husbands work.  No one was hurt
thank God.  
The maintenance man on call has had a rough week
on call.  He also found an elderly man
in his apartment that they think passed
away a week or week and a half ago.  
Hubby just went over there this evening to this
same maintenance guy's apartment
to let him in because he locked his keys
in his work van.
Poor guy.  Betchya he can't wait for
Monday to get here to be off call. 
Tony goes on call in a week or two.
Can't wait to see what's in store for him.

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