Thursday, May 3, 2012



I hate doing bills but I got them
all done this morning and ready for the mailman. 

Today I am making a garden sun and
shade diary.  I want to see when I have sun
and shade in the garden and at what times.



This is where I might add another long tomato bed.



Since I can't do anymore with making the garden
beds that doesn't require the use of a saw,
drill or screws,
I decided to go through the large pile
of pine needles and weed out any
sticks and weeds.
These pine needles are what fell of
the tree last year so they have been
brewing with fallen leaves and some
grass clippings.
I don't know why people would spend money
buying mulch for their gardens if they
have pine trees that shed needles for free.
These veggies like acidic soils-
potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas and onions.
Pine needles are also acidic so I wouldn't think it would
hurt your plants to use them to mulch around. 

I'm thinking that since I already have horse
manure in the garden soil I might blend
in something less acidic with it this year
like cow manure.
40 pound bags are $1.59 at Ohio Mulch.
Walmart also sells it but I don't know the price.
Menards is $1.38 for 30? pounds, .75 cf.


Sun rays.



I'm sure I've told y'all this past month
our cable bill shot up an extra $48
and I about had a heart attack.
Well mom just called to say there was
a wow representative at her house.
(yeah, sorry to say, those people
who I left to begin with because they
gave me so many problems).
I really need someway to cut my cable bill back.
I was paying $104 a month at Insight
for cable with DVR, internet and phone for the past year.
Then this past month my bill shot up to $153!!
It was like someone had shot me.
That's a LOT to increase my bill in one month!
So anyways this Wow gal is suppposed
to stop by at 3:00pm.
It looks like I can get the package
deal with taxes, fees, rentals, etc
for $102 a month for the next year.
Plus me and mom would get $25 wow a friend
referral bonuses.  I'll believe that when I see
it because I never got it with Wow nor Insight.
And she said she would give me 
a $60 pay per view coupon booklet
to watch $60 worth of movies for free.
Unless these companies want to keep 
me as a constant customer the only way
I can save money is to keep jumping back
and forth with different providers.
As much as I didn't like Wow, by
going back to them for the next
year will save me $576 in the next year
compared to if I stay with Insight.

Oh, the Wow lady told me that 
Time Warner is buying out Insight
in June or July this year.
That was my favorite cable company
we've ever had and stuck with them for many years
til we moved 4 years ago and have been
back and forth with Wow and Insight.
  Time Warner was not
offered in our neighborhood then but may be offered
if they buy out Insight, Woo Hoo!
Ok, calm down, LOL.

Back to my old saying,
even though I don't care for Wow
but do care about how much we are
spending on bills,
You do what ya gotta do with what ya got to do it with.


The Wow lady came to my home and we went
over things.  I will be changing over to them
next Thursday as much as I hate to say that
but an extra almost $50 saved a month
is a LOT to me!
That to me could be my weekly grocery trip.
And my rate is good til January of 2014
8 months longer than Insight's deal.

Now how to get my electric bill down
that mysteriously shot up to $90 and $100
the past couple of months.
I need to do an electric inventory around
the home to see what's plugged in and where
and start unplugging things.
I'm used to paying $75 to $80 a month.

I'm starting a new thing today.
If someone is not actually watching a tv
program or sitting in front of the tv watching it
then the tv needs to be OFF!
Being home alone during the day I will
turn the tv on and not really watch it
but I like the background noise
when doing other things.
Plus I need to check out the motion
security lights.  I think hubby took out the
flourescent bulbs and put in regular ones
so they would be brighter.
I need to change those back over.
Anything that I think will lower the electric bill.
Unplug tv's, vcr's, dvd's and things of the sort
in rooms they are not being used in.
Anything with a clock (coffee maker, microwave,
cable box) or remote (tv, surround, dvd, cable box)
uses power when not on.
Also game systems.  I always tell the kids
to unplug them when they are not playing
on them.  Just because you turned it off
does not mean it isn't using power because
it's still plugged in.

I have the air conditioner on today.
To be comfortable in your home you don't need it
set in the 60's or lower 70's.
It's almost 90 degrees out and I have mine
set at 78 degrees with fans on 
to circulate the air.
If you think about it, when it's 75-80 degrees 
outside it's pretty comfortable for people 
so why not have it that temperature in your home.
The ceiling fan runs 24-7 to keep
air circulated to cut down on the heat
and air conditioning.



This weekend May 5 we will
be having a super moon where the moon
will be the closest to earth.
On the horizon is when it
will appear the biggest.
It will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter
than any other full moons this year.
At 11:35pm is when the Earth, moon
and sun will perfectly line up with one another
and the moon will be bright. 


This evening I got the weeds removed
from one of the beds.
I literally sat on the boards with that
big shovel in hand doing it
sitting it down because of my arms
and shoulders aching.
I also tilled up the dirt with the shovel
and scooched around the outsides
on my butt breaking up the dirt
clumps with my hands.
Tony forgot my screws tonight
so as you can see nothing is
put together yet.  Probably a good thing
since this is easier for me at the moment
to remove weeds and till up dirt
with the sides down.


My son has just informed me that he wants
me to make cupcakes for his class for his birthday.
Hey, at least he's giving me 4 days notice unlike
his father who tells me the night before
he needs something for a potluck at work the next day.

I have this recipe for banana bread using a
yellow cake mix on Pinterest that has been
getting lots of repins.  Probably the most
out of all my recipes posted.
I think I might make that for Jonathan's class.
It's called Easy Banana Bread.
I'll make them in cupcake form,
use mini chocolate chips so they don't sink
to the bottom of the batter and top
with chocolate frosting.
No nuts added to it though due
to some children having nut allergies in school.

Well I'm off here to take a hot soak in the
tub with some epsom salt.  
(sorry tomatoes I gotta borrow this for the night)
I can't take the aches and pains much more!
No one understands what I am going through.
It's not something that I can sit another
way, lay down or things like that to make it better.
It's constant 24-7.  Picture when you last had a bad cold or flu
and was in bed with a fever and body aches.
It feels just like those aches minus the fever,
runny nose and congestion. 
I get irritable and it makes you not to be 
a nice person after awhile when in pain.
It seems like the littlest things set me off
with this pain.  And I don't have the strenght
I used to.  I get clutzy and have shaky arms
and legs when trying to do things.
Mom said I should write down how I feel,
when it happens and for how long and what my symptoms are
so that's what I am using a part of this
blog for.  Because if I write it down on paper
it'll get lost. 

I don't know why I have waited two weeks
of suffering to think of this, but
tonight I made up a batch of 
100% grape juice and mixed in a
box of powdered pectin in it.
I'll drink 4 ounces 2 times a day.
It's supposed to help inflammation
and any joint paint but you have to drink
it daily for it work and start
taking affect.
Google it if you want to read more about it
and read reviews of where it has worked
for many others.
Some people use liquid pectin
and you can also use pomegranate juice
which is also good for inflammation.
People's Pharmacy is a good place to read about it.
I did this for Tony when his hips
and back gave him problems
and it seemed to help.

I'm off here.
Gotta bath with my name on it calling me.


I'm slow I guess because I totally did not know this.
The movie called Mischief
was filmed mostly in Ohio
in Neslsonville, Caroll, Columbus, Obetz, Canal Winchester,
Lithopolis and Baltimore and maybe some other places.
Mischief filming locations.
I just saw this on Facebook from
This was one of the first movies I
saw on VHS in 1986 and was one of my favorites back then.
My all time favorite still is Sixteen Candles.

Heading to bed.  Going to garage sales tomorrow.
I try to keep going even though I'm hurting.
My hot bath with epsom helped relax my
muscles for now.  Just popped some tylenol
to make it through the night.
There have been nights I have woke
up in so much pain
I just bawled my eyes out.


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