Saturday, May 5, 2012



Got up just before 7am this morning.
Tony got the scrap metal cut up this morning
and we headed out about 8am to the Recycling Exchange.
Tony had brought home a
5 gallon bucket of metal.  You'll see
two buckets in the photo because
we had to separate the metals
into two containers, one brass ($1.50 a pound), 
one copper ($2.90 a pound). 
Plus we had one bag of aluminum cans
we just started saving (.64 cents a pound).
 We made $82 on it all.
Free money. Not too shabby for stuff that
would have otherwise been thrown away.


Well it's time to clean house.
Jonathan has a friend coming over at 3:00pm
to spend the night for his birthday
which we will celebrate most of it
on Sunday then might take him
out to eat for supper on Monday.
Starting to get that overwhelming
tiredness feeling but still have to
somehow keep going.



I feel a smidgen better today.
Muscles and joints are still sore but
I feel some improvement.
I have not taken any otc pain medicine
because they have done absolutely
nothing for me.  So why keep taking
them if they don't work.
I have been using the medicated patches
on my shoulders and have been drinking
two 4 ounce glasses of grape juice with pectin
each day.  That's the only two things
I've been doing to help the pain. 

Still cleaning house.  Getting in the mood
again to go through things and weed crap out.
I went through a kids dresser and closet.
I now have collected 4 trash bags full
of clothes to donate to the church.
It's pretty much the end of the cold season
and I went through all the Winter clothes.
Need to weed them out before storing for the Summer.
Then when I get out the Summer clothes to
be put into the closets I'll weed out the ones
that look too small.



Got supper going in the crock pot on high.
I put in pork chops, 2 cups water,
a packet of Crockery Gourmet seasoning for chicken
(was $1.99 marked down to .25 cents) 
and some pineapple juice.
The pineapple juice was from canned pineapple
that I drained from the fruit and had put in the freezer.
 Making some steak fries to go with them.

Hoping for this partial cloud cover to go away.
I had planned on taking all three boys,
Tony and myself up to Hoover tonight to
see if we can see the super moon.



I got a trellis made for some cucumbers
I want to grow from seed.

I made a frame from some free scrap wood

then wrapped a piece of garden netting
around it and secured it into place with some screws.
This is why I'll need to remove the window
and shutters I put up, so that the 
trellis can go in it's spot.

I got another 4 foot bed tilled up
along with the tomato bed and starting
to extend it longer than what I had planned.
I sure can tell the difference in the soil
from where I used horse manure
and where it is not.  The manure helps
breaks down the hard and lumpy soil. 
Everything to the left of the tomato
bed has horse manure.
The tomato bed does not.
It's like clay- hard and lumpy and does not break
up very easily.  Gonna have to find me
bags of manure or compost to put in there for now.
This Fall I'm going to add in some fallen leaves
to compost it some.

Sweating my butt off at the moment!

This should say something.
The other day I couldn't stand to dig the garden
and today I am able to.

I found my soaker hose.
I got it last year at a yard sale for $1.00.
It's brand new in the box and is 80 feet long.
It still had the store sticker of $30 on it!
Thought about putting this down in 
the beds after tilling them up. 
Sure wish I had a rain barrel to hook it 
up to.  I guess I'll have to use the 
regular hose hooked up to the house
til I make another one.  I don't know
when that'll be.

Trying so hard to work on the garden beds
so that I can start planting soon.
I noticed this evening that my 
peppers are blooming and I even
found a few babies popping out.



Just got finished with supper.
Everyone's belly is full.
At the moment I have found how to keep the
boys entertained, lol.
Give them a box of scrap wood pieces,
a box of screws and a drill.

The sun will set tonight at 8:31pm.
Even if it's cloudy I'll still take everyone for 
a ride up around Hoover that way
everyone will (hopefully) be ready for 
bed by the time we get back home. 



Back home from Hoover.
We walked around the dam after dark.

Well I'm off to bed soon.
Knees and lower back are hurting after all the walking we did
and up and down the dam stairs.
I got a cake, 24-30 cupcakes
and 2 homemade pizzas including the crust,
to make tomorrow along with all the laundry to do
and Jonathan's birthday.

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