Friday, May 18, 2012



Me and mom have been running around
all morning.  We went to two neighborhood
yard sales and that was it.  Wasn't many yard sales
at them and I didn't feel like driving to any more after that.
 This is what I got at some sales.
-Box of cold brew lipton tea bags .25 cents
(for garden)
-2 cans spray paint .25 cents each
-Bar of Fels Naptha soap .50 cents
(I use this to make laundry soap)
-wind up flashlight that doesn't need batteries .10 cents.

I took mom over to The Park of Roses
in hopes that the roses had bloomed.
I think only about 5% are bloomed at the moment.
That was a disappointment.

 From the Park of Roses we stopped in the thrift store.
I got-

-Heated mattress pad for $2.99
(the cheapest I found new ones for
with straps was $44 so this was a deal.)
-Belkin fan cooler for a laptop $2.92
(goes for about $20 to $30 new)
-2 flat sheets $1.99 each.
I plan on making some roman shades
with the sheets using a couple of
mini blinds I found at Tony's work for free.
I want to hang them at the end of the carport
to block out some sun in the late afternoons.

This evening me and Tony plan to go get our fishing
licenses.  Tomorrow morning we're going
fishing up at Alum Creek.



Tonight for supper I am making
BBQ seasoned chicken leg quarters.
I'm not a huge chicken fan and don't
like all the grease that comes with it
when baking so are going to try something different.
I set a casserole dish on a cookie sheet
then set a wire cooling rack on top 
of the casserole dish and placed
the chicken on top of the rack.
I'm hoping the grease from the chicken
will drain off into the casserole dish when baking.
Will serve with some mac & cheese
and mashed potatoes.



Chicken turned out good.
The skin was crispy. 
Right before being done I coated them
with bbq sauce then turned off the oven
and let them cook longer while I made mashed
potatoes and macaroni & cheese.

I love being able to watch the birds at the feeders
and birdbath while cooking in the kitchen.
This cardinal is a regular at the feeder.
Today he brought along a girlfriend
but she's not seen in the photo.

 I also have a pair of robins that must have a nest
nearby because they are always feeding in the
yard everyday when I'm in the garden.

I figure if I give them an area away from the garden
with water and food they will stay out of the garden.
So far it has worked.

The squirrels are funny to watch.
They try so hard to get at the pinecone
bird feeders hanging from the tree
at the end of the branches.
The pine tree branches are thin and flexible 
and by the time they run down the branches
to try and get to the pine cones the branches
bend and they fall outta the tree.
They are not too far from the ground to get injured though. 



Went and got our fishing license tonight.
Not cheap at $19 each.
Kids 15 and under don't need a license.


I spent the last hour or so getting my poles
ready, restringing one pole with a 40 pound line
and redoing my lines with new hooks.
I got all my dough ball (anise, cheese and 
either strawberry or bubblegum) in zip baggies
and another zip baggie with shrimp.
We also picked up some night crawlers 
and wax worms tonight when getting the licenses.
I had to take inventory of my tackle
box and make sure we had everything
from stringers, scale, extra bobbers, sinkers and hooks
along with needle nose pliers and towels.
We still have two more tackle boxes
and about 10-15 more poles not shown in the photo.
I love my poles which are identical
Shakespeare Tiger 7' Spincasting pole and
closed face reels.  I can't do open faced.

Tony packed the chairs and coolers in the truck.
We use a large cooler for drinks and food
and a small cooler for the bait.
I plan on getting up at regular time of 6:00am.
Then will start getting everyone else up
about 6:30 to 6:45am to get ready 
and leave by 7:30 to 7:45am.
Need to stop by Kroger in the morning
to get some Big K pop.

Well I'm heading to bed soon.
Didn't get a nap today and my eyes have felt
so dried out from all the cotton wood fuzzies
in the air.

If there is such a thing as tennis elbow then
I'm naming this next injury
Garage Sale Knees.
I call it that because it seems to happen
during garage sale season.
I have this problem every now and then that
when I squat down it feels as though
the muscles in my legs surrounding my knees
are tearing apart.  Really painful.
LOL, this morning before everyone got up
thank goodness because they would have laughed at me, 
I squatted down to pick
something up off the floor and immediately 
felt the tearing of the muscles in my knees/legs
and really sharp pain to the point that
I went from a squatting position to falling
over sideways on the floor in pain.
It has hurt all day to bend my legs even to
climb stairs.  Now picture me climbing
stairs with straight legs.  Looked like I had cooties or something.
But anyways I call it garage sale knees
because I usually start getting the knee
pain when squatting down at garage sales
to check out things in boxes.

Nighty Night.

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