Saturday, May 12, 2012



Just got back home.
Hubby got me up around 6:15am
this morning.  Went down to the flea market
around 8am.  Then drove around to a few yard sales
and stopped by Kroger to get a few groceries.

I felt like I did some of my grocery shopping
at the flea market considering I was
finding some good food deals there.
Be sure to check dates on food before
purchasing.  I made sure they were all still good.
All the cans below were .25 cents each. 
peas, chili with beans, pork & beans, blackeyed peas,
vegetable soup, spaghetti sauce, kidney beans.

Little Debbies $1.00 each
Ready eat soups, pasta and bottles of teriyaki sauce
.50 cents each. 


6:30 - 7:00pm

I took a bunch of old Christmas pine cones
and slathered peanut butter all over them
then rolled them all in bird seed.
I tied string around the tops and
then hung them off the pine tree for the birds.


7:00 - 8:00pm

Got the soaker hose cut and laid
in the garden beds.  I still need to connect and bury the
hoses that run across the pathways that
aren't in the beds.  Those cross over hoses do not
weep water.  The water you see in the beds
are from where I watered earlier today
with the garden hose.
My $1.00 soaker hose kit from a yard sale will
make life so much easier than having to
water each individual plant with the hose
or watering can.

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