Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Two squirrels at the feeder this morning.



Me and mom returned our Insight boxes  
to their office today since we have changed over to Wow.
Insight told me over the phone that I could 
drop them in a drop box about 5 minutes from here.
I opted to make the drive out to Livingston Ave
to personally drop them off and get a reciept
saying I did so.
The reason being is that when I had Wow
a year ago before changing over to Insight
and now back over to Wow, is because
I returned all my equipment on time
and got a receipt.  I'll be darned if they
didn't send me notices for many months
about trying to say I owed them $900
for not returning the boxes in.
Thank goodness I had my receipt because
I had to visit their office about 5 times
trying to tell them to quit sending me threatening
notices about putting me into collections
when I did indeed return the equipment
on time right after I canceled them.
And if that wasn't bad enough for many months
after canceling them they were still sending
me monthly bills like I still had their service hooked
up and was using it.
How was I using it when I returned their boxes?
Didn't make sense but I got it all worked out.

Anyways what I was trying to say was
that I wasn't returning any of their equipment
in a drop off box without a receipt.
Not after what I have been through in the past.
I personally wanted to hand it to
one of their staff and get a receipt should
I later on be told that I did not return it
I would have a receipt to prove that I did.

On the way back home I wanted to stop in
Habitat Restore.  I'm probably the only person
that would go in there with nothing in mind
to buy to just walk around the store, lol.

I did buy a piece of
pvc sewer drain pipe for $2.43.
I priced this at lowes last night for somewhere between
$10 and $20.  Waaay too much for me.
So when I saw this piece of pipe today
for $2.43 I thought that's more in my price range!

I know Tony's gonna wonder what in the hell
I'm going to use that pipe for, lol.

I'm using the pipe as a vertical strawberry planter.
That's providing I can find the little suckers.
No home improvement stores seem to carry
the strawberry bulbs (roots).
If I cannot find them then I could use
the pipe to make a flower tower planter instead.



Got some brats in a skillet of water that had a little
bacon grease from last night and I added in a little
teriyaki sauce to the water to give it flavor. 
Once boiled I'll drain off the water and fry
them up for supper.  I've also got some potatoes
in the microwave for some baked potatoes
with melted velveeta cheese on top.

While the brats were boiling I went out to the 
garden to get a game plan for the grape arbor.
That is when I noticed my little ole Concord
grapevine is going to produce it's first
grapes this year!!  Woo Hoo!
I've been waiting patiently for the past 3 years
since purchasing the vine.
I think the vine was about 2 years old when I got it.
Before seeing the baby grapes
I was thinking about temporarily putting
the metal arched trellis up for the vine but
after seeing the little grapes I think I should
just go ahead and make the ladder arbor 
for them to climb on which will be a lot more sturdy. 
You ever picked up a bunch of grapes in the store
to feel how heavy one bunch can be?
Now imagine many bunches of grapes
and how heavy all those would be.
I could just picture that thin metal pole
arched trellis collapsing. 
I don't want to have to do something twice if
I don't have to!
So the metal trellis will be used for
the cucumbers instead. 
I might also grow some climbing flowers
on there also

Awe how cute, little itty bitty baby grapes.

I also saw that I'm getting a baby Ceyenne Pepper.

Well I gotta get back to making supper.



Eating supper then will head over to Tony's work.
He was telling me that had a set out today.
A set out is where someone is evicted and if they are
not out within the three days they are given then
the apaprtment complex will put all their belonging
outside on the lawn.  The eviction baliff will tell you 
that everything is up for grabs then.
I asked Tony if he thought the residents 
were gone or was there a possibility they
could come back at any moment to try and get their things.
There are some evictions that people take the necessities 
and leave everything else behind..
 He thinks they are totally gone
because they have taken all the clothes
and food from the apartment.
So we're going over tonight to check 
to see if anything is still left. 



Back home.  We got a wooden bookshelf,
a nice computer chair and tomorrow
will go back over to get 6 wooden dining room chairs
that are being stored in another maintenance guys van because
there was no more room in the truck.
I was pretty sure the last time we visited my
mother-in-law at the lake that she was wanting some
wooden dining chairs and I told her I'd
be on the lookout for some.

I think I'm heading to bed soon.
I just took some ibuprofen.  I don't know why.  
I guess I keep hoping it helps the pain.
My Crohn's is flaring up again.
Sucks! Totally sucks!
The body aches are making their appearance
especially in my shoulders and joints.
It seems like it cleared up for a week or so
and I raced to get things done knowing
the next flair up would be just around the corner.
And here it is once again knocking on my door.


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