Thursday, May 31, 2012


8:25am - 12:00pm

Just got back home from Jonathan's graduation.
Grandma and Grandpa came along as
well as Christopher.
We stopped by Taco Bell for lunch
considering we left school early with
kids not having any school lunch.
 I can't get videos to upload at the moment
from the graduation.

 Kids are now chilling in the house
on their computers.
It is so quiet in here for once, lol,
and kids are actually getting along.
Jonathan is one happy camper with
his computer.  He has waited so long
to have it up and running again and has
had to share another computer
with his brother for 8 months.
Yeah, there was a lot of arguments
between the two during that time.
Thank God it's up and running 
just as the first day of Summer vacation
is officially here now.
It will be a lifesaver for me at times, lol. 
I do have to kick their butts outside
to get some fresh air occasionally 
and tell them to play outdoors.
I'm a parent that doesn't like the kids
spending too much time in front
of tvs, game systems and computers.
I couldn't even tell you the last
time they got out the XBox or Playstation
to play them.  It's been awhile.
It used to be an all the time thing
but I see that I have broke them of the
game playing.  During school they were
only allowed to play the game systems
from Friday evening to Sunday evening.
No school nights!

I didn't get anymore done in the flower
garden yesterday evening.
I did get some newspapers from mom
though which she has been saving for
me so I can lay them in the flower bed as weed barrier.
All I can say is that these roses better grow
with all the time I have been spending
on their flower bed!!
Me and Tony spent time cleaning
up the back yard and mowing it yesterday.
Please send in some rain.
The back yard has turned to dust.
When running the lawn mower
all you saw was a dust cloud hovering.
My sinuses were so stopped up last
night from inhaling it all and
I kept sneezing.

We got our bird feeder refilled and hung
back up and enjoyed our evening
sitting in the yard watching the birds
with the cool breeze blowing.
Sure beat the 90 degree days we were having!
My goodness, what was that all about?
We had our first Goldfinch yesterday.
Was thinking I might try and find
a hummingbird feeder at a yard sale.
I have seen a hummingbird around
here the last couple of years when
I used to hang flower baskets
off the carport.

Last night I finally turned off our air
conditioner after having it run for about
5 or so days.  Now I have all windows
opened and fans running hoping
to cut back on some electricity costs. 

Well I'm going to chill for a few then might
go out and work in the garden
while it's nice out and get some paper
laid down and mulch started for
half the flower bed.
One day I hope to be done with this, lol.
It seems like it is taking forever.
I just want to make sure everything is done right.

12:30 - 2:00pm

I got half of the flower bed edged then laid out
newspapers over top the dirt.
I wet the papers down so they wouldn't blow away.
Then I spread one bag of mulch in front
of each fence panel.

Gonna chill for the rest of the afternoon
before making supper.
Supper is bacon & sharp cheddar cheese
sweet italian bread pizza.


5:30 - 8:30pm

 Tony worked on sanding the car.

And I was designated to start taping 
off the decals.  I did this the last time we did this.
Not fun.  
100 pieces of tape on the car, 100 pieces of tape,
take one down and stick it around,
101 pieces of tape on the car.

And after doing this I started in on the
rose bed again.
I planted a Don Juan climbing rose with manure
and finished with newspaper and mulch.
I got 24 feet of flower bed done since yesterday.
Half way there, yeahhhh!

Gardener's hands.
Not sure why the call it a green thumb
when mine keeps turning black, lol.
I know I should wear gloves but mine
have holes in them already, lol.

Tony didn't find me too sexy covered
in manure/mulch, lol.
I said now if I was slathered down
in some black car oil all hunched over the hood of a car
he'd probably like that.
So what makes a difference.

Daylilies are starting to bloom.

I know it's supposed to rain overnight.
I still gave the flowers a little drink til then
to wet their whistle.

I've had a long and tiring day
and are ready for a hot shower
to get cleaned up some
then watch a little tv and hit the sack.


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