Thursday, May 17, 2012



Yesterday while cleaning out the cabinet we use
to store garden items in under the carport I found a plastic Kroger  
bag full of marigold flower heads.
I got these out of the neighbor's flower bed
last year when they started to die out.
Look around your neighborhood for flowers
but ask first before taking them.
I'm sure neighbors won't mind if you remove
dead flowers from their flower beds but check first.
You can get a LOT of free flower seeds this way.
I divided up what I could
between yellow and orange marigolds.
The rest I couldn't identify I just left
in the bag for when I might want
mixed marigold colors in a flower bed.

I went along the very edges of the inside
of the four garden beds and planted
yellow marigold seeds this morning.
By adding marigolds to your vegetable gardens
not only do they give it some color and look pretty
but their smell repels bad insects,
cats, squirrels and rabbits.
That is why I surrounded my four
garden beds with them. 


3:00 - 3:20 pm

I found a leftover bag of cow manure
and miracle grow potting soil.
I filled up part of the holes in the
concrete blocks around the cucumber trellis
with the soil.  I planted these climbing flowers
in them-
-Morning Glory Flying Saucers
(also planted some along the driveway
with the other morning glories)
-Thunbergia Orange
-Black-Eyed Susan Vine

I also planted the rest of a bag of yellow onion sets I had.
I'm going to say there was around 100 of them.
This time they went intothe 3 of the four garden beds.
The other 100-200 sets of white and yellow
I planted several weeks ago
around the pine tree with the hostas
and lilies.

Sometimes I wear gloves in the garden and
sometimes not.  When I don't, I have an
old toothbrush sitting by the sink that I
use to clean my hands and under my nails with.
They also say you can run your nails
across a bar of soap before gardening
to prevent dirt from getting under your nails.



Well I got the front and side yard mowed
before hubby got home.
Note to self, don't wear your sweater while mowing.
There's a reason the word sweat is in that word!
I see the cotton wood trees are shedding
with little cotton balls floating through the air.
I think I snuffed up enough of those to stuff a
pillow with, Sniffle Sniffle.
Those things tear me up during allergy season. 


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