Monday, April 16, 2012



It's so quiet around here with everyone back to work and school.

I got the bread machine going with some homemade pizza crust.
This is my most favorite PIZZA CRUST recipe.
This evening for supper I'm going to make ham, egg & hash brown breakfast pizzas.
I will be using leftover ham I had from Easter.
Got about 7 small to medium sized potatoes
peeled and boiling. Will drain off water and set
them in the fridge to cool once done. Then this
evening will shred up and put on the pizzas.
The recipe for the pizza crust will make two pizzas.


100,000 FREE Bayer Advanced Asprin will be given away
between April 16-25. 10,000 each day.
If you go back to their sit after trying it and share
your experience they will donate $1.00 to the
American Red Cross for every rating shared.
I got mine a little after 1:00pm.
I was also able to get one for my mom.
Be sure to use different names, emails and addresses to
obtain more than one.



Gotta love these door-to-door salesmen(women).
Once again I have people trying to get me to sign
up with different natural gas providers (contractors,
sub leasers or whatever it is they are) saying
by staying with Columbia gas I am paying too much
and my gas bill will only climb higher and higher
if I don't lock in this subcontractor's rate.

Hmmm. So I ask them what their going rate is.
They say .59 cents a ccf. They tell me I'll be locked in for a year
at that price. Hmmm, so what happens after that year.
Oh they tell me I can renew after the year and still
be locked in at that price. Doesn't sound right to me.
If it continues to be that price then why not lock it
in for several years all at once. Why would you have to renew?
When they stutter to answer my questions then I don't trust that I will be getting
the better deal. I ask them what the going rate it
for Columbia Gas. They say they don't know, so I say
would it be on my bill? They say yes, so I present my
bill (still in my hand so there's no wandering eyes
to see anything else on my bill). Oooh what a shocker
they got, lol. Their going rate is .59 cents a ccf
and my bill through Columbia gas is only .37 cents ccf.
I told them I think I'll stay with my cheaper gas, lol.
They didn't try to convince me too much after seeing that
to change over to their supplier.



Got the breakfast pizzas in the oven. They look yummy!

Here's my pizza dough made in a bread machine.
I divided the dough ball into two to make two pizzas.
They are resting and rising a little before going
into the pizza pan. I did add 1/2 tsp oregano and
1/4 tsp garlic powder to the dough when making.

Pressed dough into two pans and let sit.
It rose a little more and looked like one of those
Boboli pizza crusts.

I spooned some ranch dressing over top the crusts.
Then shredded and fried up some hash browns in
Italian dressing. In another skillet I cut up
ham into smaller pieces and fried up.
I sprinkled the hash browns then the ham on top
of the ranch dressing. For each pizza, I then
beat 6 eggs in a bowl with a little milk and poured
over top everything. Shredded cheddar cheese was
added to the top before baking.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Almost like a deep dish pizza.
Even the kids loved it saying it was better than any Ci Ci's pizza.
Personally I don't think that would be too hard to top
considering how chintzy their pizzas are.
But hey I'll take that as a compliment.
For sure going into the keeper recipe pile.
That red stuff you see is Frank's Red Hot sauce.
I put that 5h!7 on everything!



I read that starting at 8:00pm Vaseline will be giving away
3 oz fl. tube of Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion
for you and a friend.



Stopped in Kroger not long ago to grab some pop.
While there I quickly browsed the mark down area
and the holiday isle to see if there was any Easter
mark downs left. Easter items, including candy,
was 75% off. I got a bag of malted eggs, jolly rancher
jelly beans and large packages of peeps
(put them in the freezer for tomorrow's after school snack)
for .40 to .60 cents each. In the regular marked down
area I found frosting with sprinkles (funfetti) for .89 cents each,
and marshmallow creme fluff for .79 cents each.
Don't a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff
sandwich sound good? That's what I was thinking
when I bought it.

Now's the time to stock up on next years supplies
and candy for the Easter basket. Peeps can be frozen
along with chocolate and I've never had jelly beans go
bad a year later if they were in their original wrapping


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