Friday, April 27, 2012


Have no idea what happened to the posts
I posted today.  I hope Blogger don't start this crap again.
I had problems before with my posts disappearing.

I don't feel like reposting everything from earlier.

I still don't feel good.  Better but not the best.
My legs feel like jello and are shaky when walking.
I did manage to unload the lumber from the truck
tonight.  I'm guessing with what lumber I have
to work with that I can make six 3-4" x 2' x 4'
raised garden beds.  Going to try to work
with the free wood I have before buying any.

Tony got the yard cut this eve
and I got my 4 solar tiki torches
in the ground along the driveway
that I got at a yard sale today.
They're pretty cool.  They flicker like
those flameless candles.
Not too shabby for .75 cents each.

I also noticed that I have flowers coming
up that I planted less than 2 weeks ago.
Got a bunch of zinnia starts in the rock flower bed
and a bunch of marigolds coming up 
in the front yard corner flower bed.
Oh, and some of my onions are starting to come up.
I had squirrels dig up a few and I replanted
them because they didn't seem damaged.
Maybe the smell got to them, lol.

I've been hoping to find the person with
all the seed packets at the flea market
30 for $1.00 but they haven't been there
the last couple of weeks.
Been wanting to stock up on some
veggie seeds.  I'm stocked on flower seeds.

Well it's almost 9:00pm and I think I'm going
to head to bed and watch some Ghost Adventurers.  
Tomorrow we're going to get
a bicycle for Jonathan for his birthday coming up.
He picked out a General Lee bike
off of Craigslist.
We have to meet the owner tomorrow at his work.
He works at the Toy Barn in Dublin.
I've heard of this place and for those of you
who don't know what it is, it's a place
that sells exotic, high dollar sports, muscle and one
of a kind cars.  I checked them out online
and saw a couple of their cars 
going for $108,000!
I warned the kids not to get anywhere
near these cars when we go there.
You can look but DO NOT TOUCH!
I'll be taking my camera along with me.

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